Halle Berry Gives Jamie Foxx a Hand Job On TV!!!

halle berry and jamie fox

Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry were at the Spike TV’s 2009 “Guys Choice Awards” last night. Halle decided to give Jamie something he’s probably been dreaming about since he got into the Hollyweird game. Crazy, pop the top and see the sequence Continue »

Nas is a No-Show at Canadian Concert


Nas has enough drama going down with his messy divorce splashed all over the place, now he has unprofessional rapper to add to the list. Supposedly, Nas was booked to perform at a concert in Canada on Saturday but failed to appear which angered the concertgoers. Check out Nas’ explanation of what happened:

Peace yall,

I had this show booked for sometime now and found it interesting to see St John Canada since I never had been there, and heard great things. So we decided, let’s do it real quick and get warmed up for Rock The Bells! So, I didn’t expect no f*ckery but was quickly reminded how things like this still happen to people in the game!!!!!lol

Bad business is bad business! Every now and again artists are asked to travel to another country to do their thing!!!! But instead they arrive and are met by some strange people and instead of doing REAL BUSINESS..these “JP’s” are saying they have insufficient funds!!!!! Continue »

Jesus Take the Wheel: Mother Arrested for Throwing Her Baby at a Wal-Mart Employee


WTF? What is going in the world today when a mother would throw her baby at a Wal-Mart employee because she was accused of shoplifting. We’d like to strap her to a seat and toss her out the window of a moving truck. SMH

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have charged a woman who they say used a child car seat with a 2-month-old infant inside to hit a Wal-Mart employee.

Detective Monique Martin said in a news release Monday that Camilla Fields of Memphis, Tenn., was charged with felony child abuse and neglect and assault. Police did not know if she had an attorney. Continue »

Some Morning Swirl: Eva and Tony Get Freaky in Paris


Eva and Tony Parker know they need to tone this down. With the way those two dudes next to them are looking, its about to be an orgy going on. Pop the lid for more affectionate pics Continue »

Mel B Shows Off Her Eight Pack

Mel B

Mel B gave Las Vegas a peek at her ridiculously ripped body yesterday at the US Weekly Hot Bodies Pool Party. Mel’s got an amazing body but we think she’s gone a little too far with the eight pack and crispy tan. Bring back the curves girl or else you’ll wind up looking like a leathery, professional body builder hopped up on steroids. Pop the hood for more eight pack pics Continue »

Octo-Hole Finally Gets Her 15 Minutes of Fame


Not that we give a sh*t but Octo-Hole and her circus side show aka family are about to grace our tv screens in a new reality show. Its sick to know that these children were born for this very purpose, Octo-Hole’s fame and that Hollywierd is falling for it hook, line and sinker. Pop the lid for more Continue »

CiCi Gets Her Wonderwoman On


What look is CiCi going for with the Appollonia, 80’s strapless leather dress and the long gold superhero cuff? We’re not sure what she’s trying to achieve but one thing we do know is she’s working that tranny pony to death. Pop the lid for more CiCi pics at the MTV Awards in Japan Continue »

It’s a Boy! Kimora Lee Gives Birth to Her First Son


It’s official. Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou are the proud parents of a little boy. Its the third child for Kimora and the first for Djimon. No name has been revealed yet. Congrats to the parents. That little boy is going to be laced out.


Who Looked More Bangin???

veronica web and rachel roy

Newly single Rachel Roy and ex-Supermodel Veronica Webb, both hit up The 2nd Annual Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic held at Governors Island yesterday.

LL Cool James and his homely looking wife were in attendance as well. Pop the top to see more Continue »

Sunday Style: Telfar and Man VS Machine


Telfar clothing and Man vs Machine. Both are minority owned and really are on the cutting edge of high fashion.

Our people from Pesonamagazine.net caught up with them for a fashion five questionnaire Continue »

New Chris Brown and Rihanna Pictures Leaked…By Who???

rihanna and chris brown5

New photos have hit the net of Chris Brown and Rihanna during happy days. People are suggesting the Brown camp released these to try to fix his name and image.

Pop the top to see them all cuddled up and kissing on each other. Continue »

The Dream Says “Me and Christina ARE Engaged!!”


A bunch of rumors have been flying around about the Dream popping the question to Christina Milian. They claimed that it was a sham. Now, The Dream is confirming reports that the couple is indeed engaged: Continue »

Kimora Lee Simmons in Labor!

kimora in

Kimora Lee Simmnons tweeted this picture and a message about being in labor yesterday. Didn’t see Amistad there. Kimora is probably wearing a designer hospital gown. SMH

Well, we wish the couple the best and pray for a healthy baby.

Mashonda Spills the Beans on Swizz Beak and Alicia Keys

Damn, Moshonda is putting it all on front street! Come on Kaseem, get your family back together, man.

Click Here to Watch

Question of the Day: Why Do Black People Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Tyler Perry?

Tyler Perry

Yesterday, Spike Lee made a comment that likened Tyler Perry’s content to that of Amos & Andy. Within our community the debate rages on between folks who can’t get enough of Madea, and folks who are completely turned off by his style of comedy, drama, ect.

Many say that the debate is divided by Continue »


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