Debbie Rowe Plots and Schemes to Get Back In the Mix

debbie and katherine

Someone close to the Debbie Rowe’s camp has said that she has been trying to contact the Jackson family since Michael died: Continue »

Isn’t This Ironic?: White Man Gets Tazed and Talks Tweeker-Mess to One-Time Then Gets Away With It!

This guy is pure comedy. Wonder what would happen if this clucker was black or Hispanic. He would not be running away at the end, that’s for sure.

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What Is Wrong With This Picture??

ciara party2

It looks like the Ciara Party after the BET Awards was hard on brothers with sloped heads. Ciara and her girlfriend look like they just cut his brakes…

Pop it for pictures of Cici with Reggie Bush and more… Continue »

Jesus Take the Wheel: Little Jada Justice Murder Details…


About a week and a half ago a report came out about Jada Justice being missing. Her remains were found and details are coming out about this heinous murder:

In part 2 of the case of missing two-year-old Jada Justice disappearing only to be have her remains found in a swamp, the gritty details are given in relation to how this girl came to die. As reported earlier, Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter announced that Engelica Castillo, 18, and her boyfriend, Tik Tkachik, 23, are being charged with murder, two counts of neglect of a dependent, battery and false informing. Suspicion arose when Castillo and her boyfriend……were not cooperating in the process of the investigation, according to the police. They also noted that in their first questioning of Castillo, she seemed to be under pressure of some substance.

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Press Conference: Permed Up Al Sharpton and Joe Jackson Say… “Debbie Rowe Has Nothing To Do With What We Doin!”

Joe Jackson and Permed up Al are doing a bit of damage control on his words about the record label and the Blu Ray Disc drama, while handling an array of other issues surrounding Michael Jackson’s Estate.


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MJ’s Autopsy Results and MJ’s Child Molestation Accuser Lied


The kid that said Michael Jackson touched him just came out and said he lied. He is saying his pops wanted loot which is the reason behind the false accusation. Also, reports from the initial autopsy are in and MJ was worse off than we realized: Continue »

Hov Shuts Down Breezy’s BET Performance


A Bossip reader dropped a dime about Breezy’s absence from the MJ tribute at last night’s BET Awards show. Hov threatened to pull out of the show if Breezy stepped anywhere near the BET stage.

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The Morning After: RiRi Leaves Rashard Lewis’ Apartment Without Pants


Not even a week after the Chris Brown court case and RiRi’s gettin’ buck with her latest conquest Orlando Magic’s Rashard Lewis. Damn RiRi, we’ve heard of the walk of shame but this takes things to another level.

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Update: Katherine Jackson Given Temporary Custody of MJ’s Kids.

deborah rowe

We just received word that Katherine Jackson has been given legal guardianship status of Jackson’s three children. Round 1 goes to the Jackson family.

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Janet Jackson Speaks Out on Behalf of the Jackson Family

Bet Awards 2009 023

Janet repped the rest of the Jackson clan last night at the 2009 BET Awards. She was visually shaken but delivered a clear message of how much Michael Jackson will be missed and how his legacy touched everyone around the world.

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Are You Feeling This Get-Up? BET Awards Edition

Bet Awards 2009 - Beyonce

We don’t know what Bey was thinking when she hit the stage in this wedding gown/tranny fit. We know she’s going for theatrics but how nice would it be to see Bey dress like a woman and not a drag queen for once? SMH

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Drake’s a “Young Money” Millionaire


The drama surrounding which label Drake wanted to sign with was deeper than a damn NFL draft. He was touted to go to several different record labels and now it looks like he went the direction with the most money Continue »

Coupled Up: BET Awards 2009

Bet Awards 2009 Kanye and Amber Rose

Ye flossed his P*ssy Princess at last night’s awards putting all the relationship rumors to rest as its obvious the two are very much back together. We can’t lie, she’s workin’ the hell out of those day glo heels and matching clutch.

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Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” With Looking Like a Tranny

Mariah Carey

Check out Mariah on the set of her new music video “Obsessed” in the NY. Is it just us or does she look like a tall glass of tranny in that cheap @ss snakeskin dress and t-strap heels. Judging from the size of those clod-hoppers, Mariah’s definitely straddling the lady boy fence.

Pop the hood for more “suspect” pics Continue »


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