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What Happens if LeBron Takes Over the Big Apple? LiveSteez

Watch Out Tupac Celebslam

Big Ballers Take it One Step Further Lossip

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Janessa Leopard F-Listed

5 Megan Fox Scenes You’ve Never Seen Complex

Amy Winehouse is Creating Her Own Line of Greeting Cards Cele|Bitchy

Cameron Diaz is a Chef too I’m Not Obsessed

Michael’s Death Affects Everyone Even Bruno The Blemish

Will Justin Timberlake Save Michael Jackson’s Sold Out Shows? ICYDK

She’s Just Not That Into You The Stimulist

L’Oreal: “We Don’t Want Black Women Selling Our Cosmetics”


We hate to hear things like this. Whenever major companies make statements like this, we need to ban together and boycott them. L’Oreal may whore Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington for their cosmetics and hair care products but we as consumers don’t have to buy their bullsh*t.

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Why White Folks Should Bow Down to Michael Jackson


Go under the hood to find out why we think some folks should bow down to MJ Continue »

Gordo-Maricon Talks Major Mess About Michael Jackson…


This fat fairy was woofing crazy about the King of Pop “faking it” on his dainty blog yesterday. Pop the top for more

What is Going On in This Forum?


Bossip readers…come get your discussion on and much more in the best Forums on the web. There are a ton of topics, debates, convos and more going on in our Forums. All you have to do is register and get talking.

What is Your Favorite MJ Moment?

What is the Difference Between a Man Cheating and a Woman Cheating?

OJ Simpson

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Michael Jackson’s Children Go Back to Their Roots


As soon as we heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death, the first thing we wondered was what would happen to the children? Would they go back with their mothers’ or would they be raised by the Jackson family. Well, looks like the Jackson clan is stepping up and taking them in. Interesting. They’re going to go from Never Never Land to Big Mama’s House Continue »

Round 2 of Hos, Sluts, Tramps and Diggers…

Real Chance of Love2

Here is the new cast of busted broads looking to get on with two of the gayest muthaf*ckas on VH1 Continue »

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Usher Pay Homage to the Greatest of All Time


Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Usher are all paying homage to the King of Pop right now: Continue »

Whitney Houston Drops Name of Comeback Album: “I Look to You”


Whitney Houston needs to look to herself for screwing up the last few years of her career. Take some advice Whitney, no more dopeheads, no more reality shows and no more drama. Just sing girl. Just sing. Continue »

SMH: Man Kills Girlfriend After Truth Surfaces That She Used to Have a Shaft


A Russian man was arrested because he put his girl/manfriend’s lights out after finding out that she was once a he: Continue »

DeBarge Takes a Cue from Coochie Queen Britney Spears

kristinia debarge

We haven’t seen a DeBarge this pretty since El DeBarge. Kristinia DeBarge, the 19 year-old daughter of James DeBarge is going on the road with Britney Spears and Ciara for the North American leg of the tour. Continue »

BMI’s Cancelled Because of Drake Injury and Mourning of MJ


We were all set to go to the BMI’s tonight. Drake was set to perform tonight and injured himself also the BMI people are mourning Michael’s death, just like us: Continue »

The First Family and The White House Luau


President Obama and the First Family held the White House Luau this week. We hear that the atmosphere was light and fun, despite being in the wake of WW3.

Pop it for some of Mrs. Obama and some of the President with his daughter… loving life. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Gay Exorcisms In Trouble…”Come Out You Homosexual Demon!”

A church that had a exorcism of a gay demon out of a child (SMH) is in hot water now with the community in Connecticut.  In the video the boy is squirming around while the preacher puts him in the full nelson and screams out. SMH

Do you think the exorcism worked or is this whole thing a crock of ghetto mess?

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R.I.P Michael Jackson Dies at 50 from Cardiac Arrest


It’s been reported that Michael Jackson has died of a cardiac arrest.

The Jackson Family is in our prayers. More


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