Breaking News! Michael Jackson Has Heart Attack and is Rushed to Hospital!


Michael Jackson was just rushed to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack:

We’ve just learned Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles … Continue »

Tameka’s BFF: “She Didn’t Know Usher Wanted a Divorce. It was a Total Surprise!”


Tameka’s BFF decided to drop a dime on her girl about the divorce and the liposuction surgery in Brazil. Pop the top for more Continue »

South Carolina’s Governor Caught Chasin’ Nookie in Argentina

South Carolina Governor

The GOP is having a rough time. They can’t seem to find one potential candidate for the 2012 elections who isn’t a pedophile, womanizer, criminal or closeted homosexual. South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sanford just resigned yesterday after the news of his affair with an Argentinean woman hit the net. Pop the top for more

Rihanna Strikes a Pose with Ye and Pimps it Hard with Pharrell


This is a shot from the new VOGUE with Kanye and Rihanna… loving life. Yesterday Rihanna was spotted in Beverly Hills with Pharrell. The N.E.R.D. doesn’t fade that Breezy mess, they rock with RiRi.

Pop the top for more… Continue »

Some Afternoon Linkage

perez hilton

Perez Hilton Sues B.E.P Manager for Boom Boom Pow LiveSteez

L’Oreal Busted for Closet Racism Lossip

Angelina Jolie for President F-Listed

Exclusive: Lauren London and Lil Wayne Engaged Bossip Throwback

Tru Life is Charged With Real Life Murder


Tru Life, the gangster rapper, just turned himself in for murder yesterday: Continue »

Question of the Day: “Is Transformers 2 Racist?”


Transformers 2 hit theaters on Wednesday and the movie has already has sparked tons of debate and controversy regarding the racist and stereotypical characterizations of two of the auto-bots – Skids and Mudflap. From the gold tooth to the shucking and jiving, many moviegoers were very upset with the racist undertones. What do you think? Is the new Transformers 2 racist? Pop the top for more

More Kim Kardashian Swirl: Reggie is Out of Place

hard rock5

Last night Kim and Reggie Bush attended the AXE Instinct launch party at the Hard Rock Live in New York City. The couple look more comfortable in this picture then we have seen in a minute, but… Reggie was sticking out like a sore thumb up there last night.

He matched the general color theme, at least.

Pop it to see what we are talking about

Continue »

RIP Farrah Fawcett


One of Hollyweird’s sexiest women passed away today. Farrah Fawcett died this afternoon after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was surrounded by family and friends including her long time love Ryan O’Neal. Pop the lid for more

He Said: Do Fellas Really Snoop Through Their Women’s Things?


You knew we wouldn’t come after the ladies and not get the fellas too. We know men snoop even though they rarely admit it. Trust us Ladies, there are very few men who 100% trust their women so next time you leave your purse in the living room, be sure to leave your black book at home. Pop the top for more

Pure, Crackery, Coonery, and Comedy: Dancing At The Tithe Table

Crack is a very powerful drug people. The effects can take a toll on the mind and make people act foolishly… even in church.


Click Here to Watch

Ciara “Raps Up” The Rumors: She’s Really a Chick


Ciara is on the cover of Rap-Up Magazine… looking like a bowl of hot grits with sugar and butter! We may go hard on CiCi, occasionally, but this time we eat our words and happily slap her cakes…

Flip the lid for Officer Ricky’s cover along with Nina Sky’s layout Continue »

Martin Lawrence: “I’m Back B*tches!”


Looks like ole Marty Mar is coming back to the small screen where he found the most love. He’s got a few shows in development. We are sorely in need of a good black comedy. Continue »

New Day 26 Video: “Girlfriend”

Day 26 just dropped their new video “Girlfriend.” We wonder how much money these guys are going to be left with after the reality show and that Done by Diddy album is gone.

What do y’all think of it?

Click Here to Watch

Evander Holyfield is Homeless?


First question is, why would anyone need a house with 160 rooms? Evander is a perfect example of how so many black entertainers, athletes, singers and rappers go broke. Does anyone remember what happened to Hammer? SMH Continue »


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