First Khloe and Lamar Wedding Picture and Lamar’s Response to Allegations of Being a Dummy


Khloe and Lamar’s publicity stunt has raked in some dough. We hear that the two got paid up the butt for the photos and we all know Khloe pocketed that few hundred thousand.

Anyways, pop the top for the first dance photo and to see what Lamar has to say about the ordeal. Continue »

What In The Hell Is Wrong With These Pictures??


We do not know these flaming fellas’ names, but a reader decided to send these in. The “couple” had a special day… SMH

Pop the top for more debauchery and laughs Continue »

Toccara Comes With a “Blank” Look and Gigantic Feet


Toccara went with Derek Blanks and a natural beauty look for this shoot. As a matter of fact, her boats are as natural as they get. She must wear a size 10 1/2  in men.

But pop the top to see the gorgeous close ups Continue »

Coupled Up: Floyd Mayweather & Chilli???


Chilli and Floyd made their couple debut at an event in Atlanta.  Chilli was there to present an award to Sen. Kasim Reed who is running for Mayor of Atlanta.  Sources say that Chilli was parading around with Floyd like he was the best thing since sliced bread even though she swears they’re just friends.

Check out more of the dynamic duo under the hood. Continue »

Who is Responsible for “”Baby Thugs?” Black Men, Black Women, Hip-Hop, The White Man??????


The murder of honor student Derrion Albert has touched a nerve among a lot of people and we want to get some of your thoughts on “what’s really going on” in our communities. Who is to blame for 3 out of 4 Black babies being born without a “good father” present?

Kanye West Goes Diva Over Some Chicken


Kanye keeps giving people something to talk about. Over the weekend, Kanye performed at the Common & Friends Benefit Concert. There was a man eating some chicken backstage and apparently Kanye wanted some chicken too.

Instead of asking… He throws a temper tantrum!!! Continue »

End of Days: Doctor Lets Patient Die So He Can Gank His Rolex


Dr. Cleveland Enmon has allegedly let a patient die so he could steal his Rolex:

Jerry Kubena Sr. was rushed to the St. Joseph’s Medical Center on June 1st for heart problems. Emergency room physician Dr. Cleveland Enmon allegedly allowed Kubena to die from a heart attack after he noticed his Presidential Rolex watch on his wrist. Two nurses reportedly noticed the watch was missing from the body of Mr. Kubena, and that a bulge appeared in… Continue »

Lil Wayne Groupie Rejects Shoot Up His Tour Bus…


Lil Wayne recalls when some groupies shot up his tour bus after his manager rejected their request to have sex with Weezy.

Check out the video on the flipside. Continue »

Did Anyone Realize MiMi’s Album Dropped Yesterday???

mariah carey 290909

Mariah Carey’s new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel dropped yesterday and it seems as though no one noticed. MiMi made an appearance at Macy’s promoting her album and new fragrance Forever.

Pop it for More Pics… Continue »

The Baddest Chick in the Game…

olympics2 copy

Michelle Obama was spotted getting off Air Force one looking like the head of state.  She landed in Denmark with a bunch of others, who are pushing to get the Olympics in Chicago for 2016.

Check the flipside for more pics.

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A “Lil Positivity”: Local Radio Station & Foundation Help Raise Over $85K for Atlanta Flood Victims


Over the past couple of weeks, Georgia has been hit with rain that caused the city to flood in certain areas. The state has $250 million in damages and more than 3600 residents and business have applied for federal aid. Continue »

Diddy Says “I Want the Perfect Woman. I’m Tired of F*cking Hot Chicks!!!”


Diddy is on the hunt for love and wants to find the perfect woman. Everyone knows “Take That, Take That” is no stranger to banging several girls at the same time, so who would really take him seriously BUT…

Aren’t You Still Bangin’ Cassie??? Continue »

What’s Goin on in This Forum???

mel copy

Bossip Forums are buzzing with great conversation and people full of personality, if you think our comments raise eyebrows check out these topics:

Good Hair vs. Bad Hair

Would you stay with a man or woman that cheated and had an outside child?

Mayor caught in drag (pics all over the net)

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*Hip Hop Wired Exclusive* : Kid Cudi a Sellout? Ex-Manager Exposes Him


Kid Cudi’s old manager is saying some hurtful things about the young and upcoming star. Things like, he left them in the dust, he owes them loot, and a list of other tales from the early days of Mr. Man On the Moon: Continue »

NeNe’s Been in LA for….

nene leakes 280909

NeNe’s been seen in LA ever since she hosted the Emmy Red Carpet for E!, but she’s been doing more than eating lunch at the IVY and posing for photo-ops in Intermix, she also sat in to guest host The Insider.

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