Jesus Take The Wheel: More Babies Dying…

grandmom jayden

This is sad:

A 4-year-old boy covered in bruises was found unconscious in his Brooklyn home on Friday and died at the hospital, Continue »

Kanye West & Manager Cleared Of Assault Charges


Kanye West and his manager Don “DC” Crowley have been cleared of all three-misdemeanor charges that resulted from a scuffle with the paparazzi in 2008..Continue…

Kim K and Her Cakes Seen on the Scene

kim kardashian shopping 231009

Kim Kardashian and her donk were out shopping this weekend. Uhhh, nothing new here, but pop that hatch if you’re interested in some cake shots… Continue »

Eddie Murphy’s Daughter Finally Gets Her Own Check

lil murphy copy

Eddie Murphy’s oldest daughter, Bria Murphy, is cheesing in the new Gucci Mane video with Usher. We think the young lady is pretty enough, although she does resemble Eddie in this pic.

Pop the top and peep pictures from the shoot.. Continue »

Question of the Day: Should the “King of R&B” Throw in the Towel????

Singer Bobby Brown performs at B.B. King Blues Club2

Bobby Brown performed at BB Kings last night looking like this. We know Bobby has overcome some demons, but do you all think he should continue life in the music industry???

Peep more pics of Bobby performing when you… Continue »

In White Folks News: A Rod Turned Out by Hollyweird Relationship

a rod kising kate hudson

Alex Rodgriguez might turn into a Buddhist for his boo: Continue »

When The Hell is Cassie Gonna Get a Clue and Just Stick With Modeling??

cassie model

Some pre-shaved dome pictures have surfaced of Fu*kin For Tracks chica Cassie. Why does this girl continue to chase Diddy’s ole hoeing a** instead of pursuing a serious modeling career?? We don’t understand. Cassie, get your life together.

More pics on the flip…. Continue »

Backstage With Camel


Jay-Z performed in Cleveland the other night and Lebron came out to support like a jock strap. The backstage party looked off the chain with Lebron and Pharrell just kicking it.

Hova and Keri Hilson performed last night in Philly at Powerhouse…pop it and peep more Continue »

Steve Phillips’ Sex Scandal Details About Restraining Orders and 911 Calls


Steve Phillips’ love triangle details get more and more weird as the news rolls in. We have the 911 call his wife made when she saw Brook Hundley stalking her and details about her pulling a restraining order under very weird circumstances:

ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips played “Let’s Make a Deal” with his young mistress and alleged stalker — convincing her to drop a restraining order against him that wildly claimed he…

Continue »

Alicia Keys Promo-Hoeing for New Album


Alicia Keys is back to work for her upcoming album “The Element of Freedom.” We have to say that she’s looking good, but damn, all that homewrecking that went down this year kinda takes something away from Ms. Keys…

Tameka Comes for Usher and Responds to Papers


Tameka Foster went on ATL station V-103 to dispel the rumors about Usher’s new song “Papers” that make her out to be some gold-digger. Continue »

One of Lamar Odom’s Kids Does NOT Want to Meet Khloe


If we were to tell you that one of Lamar Odom’s children refused to meet Khloe, which one would you think it is? Destiny and Lamar Jr. have expressed their distaste for the wedding, but one of the kids will-not-meet-Khloe.

Pop the top to see which one it is Continue »

Ten Black Women Missing or Dead And You Have Not Heard About It…Why???


Jesus please take the wheel over in Rocky Mount, N.C., where 10 black women have either been found murdered or are still missing. To make matters worst, these sad cases haven’t even been receiving media attention:

Ten women have been found slain or have been declared missing in Rocky Mount, N.C., in recent years. But the rest of the country hasn’t heard about… Continue »

The Real Rick Ross Speaks On Officer Ricky Ross “Your Time Is Up!”

floyd and ricky

The Real/Freeway Rick Ross is out and kicking it with Floyd Mayweather. They are talking real dirty about Officer Ricky Ross, real dirty.

Pop it and watch this comedy Continue »

Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony Defend Rihanna’s Murder Worshipping Lyrics…


Here we go again. Yesterday we asked, should Rihanna really be held accountable for her new single because she is not the writer. Well, now the writer and the producer of the song have something to say. Check out what Ne-Yo and producer Chuck Harmony had to say… Continue »


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