Recognize this Celebs Baby Picture!?!?!?


He was so adorable as a kid now he’s a grown man but he’s still small. Here’s a hint… he’s an actor, a rapper and could be the poster child for Gap Kids… Do you recognize this baby???

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Madge in Malawi

madonna malawi1

Pictured above is Madonna with her two adopted children David and Mercy in Malawi this week. We know we usually have something ‘funny’ to say about Madge, but she was there doing some good deeds….like building a school for young girls, raising money for Malawian orphans, and so on and so forth.

One question though, why they gotta have little Mercy walking around without any shoes on?? SMH.

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**Bossip Exclusive** Omarion Speaks on Fizz and Boogs Comments About Him


Bossip had the chance to chop it up with Omarion at Webstar’s birthday party earlier this week, and he explained what’s growing on the back of his head and also had a little something to say about his old bandmates. Continue »

Christina Milian is Glowing and Kelly Rowland’s Body is in Hiding


Christina Milian’s baby glow is definitely shining through now. She was pictured court side while watching the Atlanta Hawks play the Indiana Pacers. Also, is that her real hair?… Tyra’s inspiring everybody!!!

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New Usher Jawns “Daddy’s Home” & “More”


Your R&B-boy Usher is coming for throats with his new album. He just released two new net singles “Daddy’s Home” and “More.”

Take a listen

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Harpo… You have Some Explaining to Do!!!


Last week, Oprah had BeBe Winans on her show but earlier this year, his ex-wife accused him of putting his hands on her. Wait, Wait… This is the same reason she wouldn’t have Chris come on the show…

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Walmart is Selling Caskets Now GTFOH


Walmart is known as the one stop shop for everything you need from guns to groceries. Now, they’ve expanded their list to caskets.  As crazy as it sounds, it is true. 

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A Night At The Club with Macy Gray Ends with a Nose Full Of __________

nose full of coke

Macy Gray was seen being dragged down the street by her friend after a night of partying it up in Bardot. Notice the white particle on her nose? Well, we got a close up and figured out these stars may not be running around with boogers, but with coke-wads instead…

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Shaq Fu is Ready To Be Deputized in Cleveland


Cleveland Cavalier’s new center Shaquille O’Neal is already looking to start moonlighting. Shaqattack has applied to become a special deputy in Cleveland, a position he’s previously held in Arizona, Virginia and Florida. Continue…

SHYNE is Back in Belize and Just Rented Out a WHOLE ENTIRE FLOOR at a Hotel


Shyne is back in Belize with his family. He landed the other day but still hasn’t made any statements with the media because his lawyer wasn’t present at the time. According to his uncle, Shyne is renting the whole floor of a hotel so, he can have some Peace & Quiet…

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Mariah and Nick… Trouble in Paradise


Sources close to the couple say that Nick and Mariah are having issues in their relationship over Mariah’s frustration of not being able to get pregnant. Continue »

Out of Pocket: Manny Pacquiao Says “I’m Sure Mayweather Doesn’t Want to Fight Me… He Doesn’t Care About People”

manny floyd

Manny Pacquiao should be worried about getting past Miguel Cotto before he starts talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr., but he opened his mouth and started woofing already:

Manny Pacquiao believes the biggest potential fight in boxing will never happen because Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants no part… Continue »

Pay Yo Bills: Naomi Campbell is Being Sued by Moodform for Breach of Contract


Naomi Campbell had a cosmetics line that was created by Moodform back in 1998 called Cat Deluxe with Kisses and Seductive Elixir. Part of their agreement with Naomi was that she would give them a percentage of the profits and she had been following through until one day when she just stopped sending in the payments.

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Jesus Take The Wheel: 5 Year-Old Gymnast is the Strongest Kid in the World


This little sucker, Giuliano, is 5 years-old. His dad pushes him like a boxer on the road to redemption. They say he is the strongest kid in the world and has Guinness World records, but probably won’t learn to spell his name until the age of 10:

That’s because Giuliano is entered in a highly improbable category for a kindergartner: Hand walking. The little guy holds the world record — 10 meters (or 33 feet) for walking on his hands. Forgot to mention: With a weight ball between his legs. But we wanted to hear from a grown-up in that family. We talked to Giuliano’s father and coach, Iulian Stroe to ask why he’s training his 5-year-old like a Navy SEAL. He told us… Continue »

Mos Def Gets it in with the Paps and Pulls a Kanye


Mos Def was spotted at LAX airport yesterday getting into it with a videographer who crossed the line somehow.  From the looks of things, Mos Def was popping a mad lip and finger pointing like nobody’s business. You won’t catch him with an assault charge like Kanye though. More pics of Mos Def under the hood. Continue »


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