Hate It Or Love It… Drake Feat. Lil Wayne “Miss Me,” But Why Oh Why Is VIBE Encouraging Nicki’s Madness???

"Drake Wayne Miss Me"

Toronto singer-rapper “hush puppy” aka Drizzy Drake delivers his usual formula on “Miss Me” featuring Lil Wayne. Pop it to listen and get a sneak peek of what VIBE and Nicki Minaj are cooking up for their June issue. Continue »

Someone Come Get These Birds, Please!!!

Who in the hell let the dog out the gate? Don’t look now, but her friends showed up as well.

Pop the top for more debauchery… and this time ONE IS WITH CHILD AT THE CLUB!! Continue »

New Black Kids On The Block: Cali Swag District… “Teach Me How To Dougie”

"Cali Swag District - Teach Me How to Dougie"

Cali Swag District has broke into the music scene making crazy noise on the West Coast. These four young dudes have taken the Texas banger “My Dougie” and gave it a new twist called “Teach Me How to Dougie” and all the kids love it.

Tells Us What You Think… Hate It or Love It?!?! Continue »

Suge Knight Is STILL On That Thug Sh*t… Allegedly Ordered A Hit On An L.A. Man

"Suge Knight Palm Trees"

Can y’all please get your cousin Suge, and tell him sit his azz down somewhere? This dude just got out of jail for assault with a deadly weapon and now one-time is on him again because he’s allegedly putting out hits — and not the Dr. Dre kind. Pop the hood for details Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes

"Maria Allure KING Magazine"

It’s been a long day at the office, so we figured we’d take a lil cake break. Hope you can appreciate… Pop the hood for a better look at Jamaican model Maria Allure Continue »

New Couple??? Romeo Dating Daughter Of Kim Zolciak’s “Big Poppa”

"Kim Zolciak's boyfriend's daughter linked to Romeo Miller"

Looks like Master P’s son Romeo Miller is celebrating more than his new group and album. The former No Limit soldier turned Trojan has officially announced that he is dating Kaitlin Najjar. Details on her when you Continue

Dwyane Wade’s Wife Gets Dumped AGAIN… This Time By The Ninth Lawyer To Take Her Case

"Siovaughn Wade and Dwyane Wade"

We’re not sure how Dwyane Wade survived being married to his estranged wife Siovaughn so long, because she can’t even get an attorney to stick with her through one lawsuit. Wade’s wife lost her NINTH lawyer yesterday. Pop the hood for details Continue »

Some Sex And The City Swirl

Chris Noth Tara Wilson attends "Sex And The City 2" Premiere

Chris Noth aka “Mr. Big” hit up the SATC 2 premiere with his wife/baby’s mama Tara Wilson. More premiere flicks under the hood… Continue »

This Boondocks Episode Has Many People Upset At The Use Of The Word “Ni**er” With Uncle Ruckus & Jimmy Rebel

People think that “The Boondocks” went too far with their newest episode where Uncle Ruckus, a “frienemy” to Bossip, hooks up with his idol… Mr. Jimmy Rebel. Jimmy Rebel is a  white racist country singer that Uncle Ruckus teams up with to make more racist music.

The word Ni**er is dropped through the episode so many times… we stopped counting at 50.

Click Here To View The Episode On BossipVideo.com

Some Afternoon Linkage

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Rihanna Impersonator Grabs Her Poontang Of The Day (GO)

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Tyra Heading Back To The Runway (GO)

Ho Sit Down: Kwame Kilpatrick Whining Like A Punk Beyotch Before Going To Prison

Kwame Kilpatrick Sentenced Detroit

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is heading to prison. Continue »

Guess Who’s Walking Around With These Nasty A$$ Sweaty Arm Pits?!?

"Jim Jones"

It’s no surprise that this dude would walk around with these sweaty a$$ arm pits because we are used to seeing him look dirty all the time anyway. We already gave you a hint…

Can You Guess Who This Is?!? Continue »

Rapper Rick Ross Sued By Former Drug Kingpin “The Real” Rick Ross

"Freeway Ricky And Officer Ricky"

Miami bred rapper Rick Ross may be facing another don in court, this time it’s not a DJ but the real Rick Ross who says that the rapper is using his name illegally.


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