Who Is My Mommy?

"Babies, Celebrity Kids, Black Kids, Toddler Son, Guess Who"

This little guy is the son of an actress who was very popular on TV in the 80’s and 90’s. Can you guess who his Mommy is? Pop the hood to find out! Continue »

When Pigs Fly: Heidi Montag Audition Tape For Tranformers 3!

Heidi Montag is as crazy as hell if she thinks she will get a starring role in Transformers 3. The piegeon made an audition tape… at the gun range busting caps:

The reality TV star has posted a 30-second video clip on Facebook of herself at a shooting range in order to pitch herself for “Transformers 3.”

The 23-year-old plastic surgery veteran linked to the “audition” tape on what she thought was director Michael Bay’s Twitter page Tuesday. “This is for you, Michael Bay,” Montag says before she turns to fire at… Continue »

R.I.P.: Gary Coleman Dead At 42

"Gary Coleman"

Former child star, Gary Coleman, is dead after experiencing brain bleeding as a result of a head injury he received in a recent fall.  Details on the flipside Continue »

Nick Cannon: My B*tch Is Pregnant!

"Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon"

Now it can be revealed: Mimi and Nick Cannon’s family is about to get bigger! Pop the hood. Continue »

Sextra: ‘She Has No Walls!’

Yo Bossip I gotta situation. Been seeing this girl for almost 3 months now and she told me from the door she wasn’t trying to get down until she got to know me. Continue »

Alicia Keys “Keep A Child Alive” Black Ball Fundraiser

That’s Not Where You’re Supposed To Put The Vodka Bottle, Stupid

"Vodka Eyeballing"

In some stupefying dumba$sery, there’s reportedly a crazy drinking trend making it’s way to the U.S. from the U.K. Pop the hood. Continue »

Damn Camel: Jay-Z Writes Intro For Rolling Stones Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs Issue!

Jay-Z is writing for Rolling Stone’s next issue that drops the Top 500 Greatest Songs of all time. Camel’s piece is said to be enlightening and: Continue »

What A Way To Go! Billionaire Chokes On Own Food At Hotel He Owns!

A German billionaire kicked the bucket after he choked to death on his own damn food, from his own damn chef’s, at his own damn hotel: Continue »

Certified Links

Dr. Dre Talks “Detox,” Diddy Beats And Possible Diddy/Dre Collaboration [Video] (GO)

Behind The Click: Wayne Sutton (GO)

Lil Wayne Releases New Video “Da Da Da” From Jail (GO)

Peter Brady needs to trade me his wife for two goats and other news (GO)

Kristen Stewart Poses For ‘Flaunt’, Feels ‘Raped’ By Paparazzi (GO)

Heidi Montags Audition for Transformers 3 Is As Bad As It Sounds [Video] (GO)

Man Rips Out Friend’s Heart While He Was Alive (GO)

Tiki Barber’s Wife Gives Birth, But Blonde Lovin’ Bootyhound Is Barred From Delivery Room!!!

"Tiki Barber left his 8 months pregnant wife for a 24-year-old blonde named Traci Lynn Johnson"

Tiki Barber’s estranged wife Ginny Cha gave birth to twin girls earlier this week, but sources say that while Tiki was at the hospital for the delivery, the blonde-lovin’ booty hound was banned from the birthing room. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

The Odd Couple: Lil Jon In The Studio With Miley Cryrus?!?!

"Miley Cyrus and Lil Jon in the Studio"

Earlier this week we had Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber on a track, now we see Lil Jon is remixing and mastering with Miley Cyrus. We know that Lil Jon is a beat master but his lyrics have stay the same and are never gonna change….


Teenage Twins Arrested For Selling Girls Into Sex Slavery

"Myrelle Lockett Tyrelle Lockett Teenage Pimps Dolton Illinois"

A pair of twin brothers in Dolton, Illinois are in police custody after authorities say they pimped out girls on the internet and forced them to have sex with strangers. Continue

WTH: Jonah Hill Tells Diddy And Jermaine Dupri… “Why Don’t We All Just Suck Each Others D*cks?!?!”

"Jermaine Dupri and Diddy"

Jonah Hill stars in the new movie “Get Him to the Greek” with Diddy. During an interview, Jonah tells Jimmy Kimmel about what happened when he was partying it up with Diddy and Jermaine Dupri in Las Vegas. They were all on an elevator and Jonah yells out…

Pop the Top to Watch This Madness Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Brian Gibbs

Never mind the swirl aspect… does the person to the right look like a long haired rocker boy? Brian Gibbs was spotted with something on his back at the Break N’ Through Concert Series. The Dream was there getting REAL cozy with some scraggly looking white chicks too

Christina, you better pop the hood girl: Continue »


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