Update: 44 Feared Dead In Jamaican Drug War With Police

"Jamaican Police in State Of Emergency"

At least 44 people are feared dead in Jamaica as supporters of convicted drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke continue to lash out at police. Continue

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What Is Wrong With This Video???: Nicki Minaj Backing It All Up On Lil Wayne

"Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in Knockout"

Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj are close, this is a known fact but we didn’t know that got down like this!!! How Many of You Think Lil Wayne has Chopped Nicki Down?!?!

Pop the Top for a Peek Continue »

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Man Burns Down House Because Dinner Was Late (GO)

Miranda Kerr Pantsless and Boring for Elle US of the Day (GO)

Wylcef Jean Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree (GO)

Jesse James’ Stepmom — Abuse Claim is ‘Crap’ (GO)

First Female Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister to be Sworn In (GO)

Man Axes Blind Landlord For Evicting Him (GO)

SponsorChange: Alleviating The Strain of Student Debt (GO)

True Or False: Hollyweird Is Making A “Honey” Sequel?

"Jessica Alba on the cover of the Honey movie poster"

We’re confused… Wasn’t this movie a flop the first time around? Pop the hood for details Continue »

Kelly Rowland Says Hateration Is Her Motivation And That’s Why She Dresses Like That… “Shake Them Haters Off”

"Kelly Rowland"

Kelly Rowland has been seen in some of the most ___________ outfits and hair for the past couple of days and to justify it all, she comes out with a new jawn called “Shake Them Haters Off”. Kelly, FYI… No one is hating, we just want you to succeed and refuse for you to look crazy!!!

Take a Listen… Hate It or Love It?!?! Continue »

Some Morning Preciousness

"Jaden Smith is photographed for Vanity Fair"

Vanity Fair profiled Jaden Smith, the 11-year-old star of the upcoming Karate Kid remake, who also happens to be Will and Jada’s son. More flicks under the hood Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin??? Keri Vs. Gabby

Keri Hilson and Gabrielle Union

Keri Hilson and Gabrielle Break-A-Union both hit up the “Disco Glam” A|X and ELLE event last night in Hollyweird with their little romper action in full effect. We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin???

More images on the flippy… Continue »

Caption This

Bush As A Monkey

Here is collage of former President George “Dubya” Bush…thoughts?

As Soon As We Asked If Ciara Was Gay, She’s Spotted In Public With A New Dude

"Ciara Goes Shopping with her Bodyguard"

Just the other day, inquiring minds wanted to know which way Ciara likes to swing??? Of course this was still a mystery until we came upon these pictures of her out shopping in L.A. with a dude and an old one at that.

Flip the Lid to See What’s Going On… Continue »

This Is Exactly Why These Athletes Need To Stay Away From Hoes

Albert Haynesworth Washington Redskins


Washington Redskins star Albert Haynesworth is being sued for $10 million by a Brooklyn exotic dancer who claims he impregnated her Continue »

Warn The Town, The Beast Is Loose!

" Rihanna leaving FIRE rest in Dublin, Ireland "

Are you feelin’ Riri’s animal print steez??? Rihanna took her a gang of her tour crew out to FIRE in Dublin in this get up — you likey? Pop the hood for more shots of Riri on the town shopping! Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Elderly Chicago Couple Buried In Their Rubbish

Hoarders Buried Under their trash chicago elderly

This is a clear case of when hoarding goes wrong:

Jesse and Thelma Gaston hoarded and hoarded and hoarded, until their worthless junk nearly consumed them. Trapped beneath mounds of trash in their fetid South Side home for days, the elderly couple were barely alive when firefighters wearing hazardous materials suits rescued them Monday night. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???: Ocho Cinco Vs. Terrell Owens

"Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Terrell Owens"

Now that Terrell Owens and OchoCinco are BFFs, VH1 is killing two birds with one stone by promoting both reality shows together. This will be the second time around for “The T.O. Show” but for “OchoCinco: The Ultimate Catch” is fresh meat in the game…

Pop the Top for a Peek at VH1’s Promotions: Continue »

Hmmm… Is Vanessa Bryant’s Mom A Legal Immigrant??

"Vanessa Bryant uses her tee shirt to make a statement about immigration laws in Arizona"

Vanessa Bryant may not look hood, but the girl is born and raised in the barrios of North O.C.. She has stepped outside of her trophy wife classification and placed this shirt over her huge knockers in dismay of the immigration Arizona Bill. The Shirt says “Do I Look Legal?”

BTW, that bill and the Arizonian’s are getting crazier, so Obama has decided to send the troops in:

President Barack Obama will send 1,200 National Guard troops to help secure… Continue »


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