No Sh*t Sherlock: MiMi Is “Knocked Up”…Been Holding A Gut Full Of Cannon For 4 Months

mariah carey fat and pregnant

In case you haven’t noticed, Mariah Carey has been looking a little large and in charge lately, and now reports are saying that she is with child…again. Continue »

Facebook Hitlist! 3 Teens Murdered In 10 Days

Facebook Hitlist - 3 Teens Killed In 10 Days

Internet gangstas are going crazy. Yesterday we told y’all about some thugs who used an IP address to find their rivals, now Columbian gangstas are using Facebook to target, track and kill their victims.

(CNN) — Three teens who were on a 69-name hit list posted on Facebook have been killed in the past 10 days in a southwestern Colombian town, officials say.

Police say they do not know who posted the list or why the names are on it.

“It is still not clear,” Colombian national police spokesman Wilson Baquero told CNN. “This is part of the investigation.”

But officials note that a criminal gang known as Los Rastrojos and a Marxist guerrilla group called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia operate in the area.

The hit list on Facebook, which was posted August 17, gave the people named three days to leave the town of Puerto Asis or be executed, said Volmar Perez Ortiz, a federal official whose title is Defender of the Public.

Police at first thought the posting was a joke, Perez said in a statement issued Saturday. But the publication of a second list with 31 additional names led authorities to convene a special security meeting Friday, Perez said.

The posting of the lists and the meetings occurred after the first two killings, which took place August 15, Perez said.

Ochocinco Fined $25K For A Tweet, Says ‘That’s 2 Months Of My Bugatti Payment!’

Chad Ochcocinco Gets Fined $25K for Tweeting

Ochocinco may need to change his name to veinte y cinco. That’s how many thousands the Becky bandit was charged for sending Tweets during the Bengals-Eagles game Continue »

Are You Feeling Bald Headed Beast And Her Gilded Grill Piece?

Amber Rose in Miami

Amber Rose was spotted out in Miami rockin’ a gold grill and mean muggin’ for the camera. Baldilocks was shooting for Hip-Hop Weekly’s ‘Swimsuit and Summer Style’ issue, at the Grand Beach Hotel. Continue »

4-Year-Old Infected With Herpes After Used Condom Was Left In Hotel Bed?!??



ATLANTA — A 4-year-old child may now have a sexually transmitted disease because of a used condom he found in an Atlanta hotel room.

Carmen Jones said she is hurting inside not knowing what sexually transmitted diseases her grandson may now have.

“The doctors at Scottish Rite said, if it was some sort of herpes it would last seven to 10 days, Continue »

McCain Keeps On Ticking!

John McCain goes for Senate seat

Senator John McCain the 73-year-old former maverick is not only still alive but he’s still running for the Senate. Continue »

A “Lil” Positivity

Keke Palmer Charitable Waters

Gotta love Keke Palmer… She turns 17 this Thursday and she’s using her Birthday as a platform to help her raise money to benefit folks across the globe in need of clean water! Keep reading for details Continue »

50 Cent Adds A Little Something Something To Cee-Lo’s New Jawn “F*CK YOU” But Who’s He Talking To???

Gnarles Barkley

Cee-Lo Green released his new jawn over the weekend. The song hasn’t even been out a full week and good ol’ “Mr. I Really Don’t Have Sh*zzz To Do” decided to add a couple bars to “F*CK YOU”.

How You Like This Version: Continue »

Remember Us??? Guy Is Back In The Studio Recording A New Album

Guy Teddy Riley Aaron Hall Damion Hall

Guy is back! Teddy Riley is currently in the studio with his New Jack City cohorts Aaron and Damien Hall and Bossip has a picture. Continue »

Where In The World Are BeyBey And Camel???

Beyonce and Jay-Z Eat At Eden Roc Hotel In Cap d'Antibes Before Heading Back To Their Yacht

The vacation continues for Jay-Z and Beyonce as they sail the days away on their yacht! Can you guess which country they’re in now? Continue »

What The Hell? The DEA Is Seeking Ebonics Translators For Their Atlanta Offices

DEA fluent in Ebonics

SMH. The United States Federal government — the Department of Justice to be exact — is actually looking to hire nine new linguists for the Atlanta field office who are fluent in EBONICS. Yes, you read that right. We’re blaming Gucci Mane for this… And OJ Da Juicemain… And Waka… Continue »

Top 10 Hip-Hop R&B Collaborations

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys and Lil Mama

Hip-Hop has seen its fair share of collaborations. From Rock, Country and R&B, Hip-Hop has been paired with almost every genre in music. Continue »

Some Afternoon Linkage

ross and 50

Rick Ross Puts Beef Aside To Give 50 Cent Props For Freestyle (GO)

Drake Jams With Local Band In Dominican Republic (GO)

Birdman Shows Off $1.5 Million Watch [Video] (GO)

Elin Nordegren Relieved And Distraught After Divorce From Tiger Woods (GO)

Wyclef Jean Says Council Used “Trickery” To Stop Presidential Bid (GO)

Paris Hilton Almost Got Stabbed (GO)

Fantasia Takes A Licking And Keeps On Promoting (GO)

Chad Ocho Cinco Fined $25,000 For Tweeting During A Preseason Game (GO)

Topless March Riles A Few Feathers From Prudish Boob Haters (GO)

Monica’s Left Overs Has Something To Say: Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth… I’m A Stand Up Dude!!!

Monica and Rocko

Last time we heard from Monica’s ex Rocko it was probably… NEVER!!! Apparently, someone decided to throw his name in the mix of Monica’s latest internet drama and he was not too happy about that. Like most celebs that want to skip doing a formal press release, Rocko took it straight to Twitter. Continue »

Father Beats 4-Week-Old, Breaks 56 Bones, Causes Bleeding On The Brain

Thomas Edward

A Savage, Minnesota man is in police custody after authorities say he committed the “most severe case of child abuse they’ve ever seen”, breaking 56 bones in his 4-week-old daughter’s body and causing bleeding on her brain. Continue »


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