Jesus Take The Wheel: Drive-By Shooter Murks 14 Innocent Bystanders At Soccer Game

Honduras Soccer game massacre

Daaaaayum! We hope that recent rash of violence in Mexico isn’t spreading to other parts of Central America. Continue »

In White Folks News: Indian Hotel Takes A Charge For Katy Perry And Her New Hubby

Katy Perry Russell Brand India wedding

Maybe Russell Brand took a little too much “Aldous Snow” to India with him for his wedding to Katy Perry last week. Continue »

Bronx DWI Mom To Serve A Year For Every Year Her Young Victim Lived

Carmen Huertas Bronx DUI

An emotional Carmen Huertas was sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison for driving her daughter and friends around NYC after getting plastered at a family party. Continue »

Name That Pasty Plumber’s Butt…

Jennifer Garner takes Violet to soccer practice in Brentwood, CA.

To whom does this pale booty-cleavage belong?? Keep scrolling to find out… Continue »

Gmail’s Founder Makes Kush-y $100K Donation

Gmail Founder Paul Butcheit Proposition 19

Who would’ve thought those geeky Silicon Valley types were such fans of burning it down? Continue »

When Pigs Fly: Shady A$$ One-Time Responsible For Killing Danroy Henry Are Now Claiming He Was Drunk

danroy henry

This sounds like some straight BS right here…especially since all of the previous reports were saying that Danroy was turning down drinks all night:

An autopsy shows that college football player Danroy Henry was driving drunk when he was shot to death this month by police outside a bar in suburban New York City, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press on Friday. Continue »

13 Scary Signs That Your Toddler Is A Pimp

mini lil jon

All them creepy fangs, Frankensteins, and Eddie Long look-alikes roaming the streets might scare you half to death this Halloween season. But, before you start getting high and mighty about other people’s Continue »

Athletes & Hoes: Brett Favre’s Lil Sideline Slut Planning To Speak To The NFL “Late This Week”

brett favre jenn sterger

The woman to whom Brett Favre was sending nasty pics and freaky c*ck shots is planning to meet with the NFL this week:

The former Jets sideline reporter who received voicemails from Brett Favre — and reportedly pictures of a penis — is likely to meet with the NFL this week as part of its investigation into Favre.
Jenn Sterger is expected to meet with league officials “late next week,” her lawyer told ESPN. Continue »

SMH: R.Kelly Says Best Of Both Worlds Album Was Originally For 2Pac & Not Jay-Z

2pac r kelly best of both worlds

R&B superstar R Kellly has recently claimed that Jay-Z was not the original choice for the “Best of Both Worlds” collaboration album and that the late Tupac Shakur was…. Continue »

Hollyweird 2010 Halloween Costumes (Photo Gallery)

Bugsy And Lloyd Get Their Metrosexual Swag On In New Video For “Let’s Get It In”

50 cent and lloyd

50 Cent and Lloyd are preparing to drop the video for their new track “Let’s Get It In.” Continue »

Some Morning Preciousness: Lil Baby Hank And Him’s Lil Pumpkin Face

kendra wilkinson and baby hank baskett jr

Kendra Wilkinson and her lil baby boy Hank Jr. took some “Mommy and Me” pics with a pumpkin and stuff… Continue »

Acupuncture? Celine Dion Got Me Pregnant? How Many More Months Of This Do We Have Left, Mimi?

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Pregnant Access Hollywood

Warning: now that Mimi‘s let the cat out of the bag, she’s not gonna stop talking about it. Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips: Lisa Rinna’s Husband Is Worried His Wife Will Look Like A Knifed Up Weirdo For The Rest Of Her Life

lisa rinna plastic surgery lip injections

Poor thang:

They say beauty is pain, and Lisa Rinna really is learning that the hard way. Continue »

Nick Cannon Speaks On Being A Father, His Career, And His Upcoming 2-Disc Album Dropping Next Year…

nick cannon

Lil Nicky Cannon embraces fatherhood, but has no plans on ‘slowing down’ his career:

“I’m doing so many things right now I don’t have time to slow down,” says Nick Cannon, who spent the day he talked to The News promoting DJ Hero 2. Continue »


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