Joe Jackson To Conrad Murray: “Yo A** Ain’t Gettin’ Off That Easy!” As He Refiles Lawsuit

According To Radaronline reports:

Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson refiled a wrongful death lawsuit in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday against the singer’s physician Dr. Conrad Murray, has learned.

Joe is also suing Applied Pharmacy, based in Las Vegas, where Murray has an office.

This is Joe’s second attempt in filing the wrongful death lawsuit against the cardiologist. He unsuccessfully tried to sue Murray in federal court, but a judge threw it out.

Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with Michael Jackson’s death. The court documents state that during the LAPD’s interview after with Dr. Murray after Michael died, the “Defendant told police he gave 50 mg of Propofol diluted with an unspecified amount of Lidocaine by i.v. drip to Michael Jackson each night for six weeks. He said he had been treating Michael Jackson for insomnia. The Propofol helped Michael Jackson sleep.”

Joe claims that Dr. Murray cleaned up the room before calling 911.

“Alberto Alvarez told police that before he called 911 defendant Murray instructed him to place the Propofol bottles in a bag and clean up the room….Alberto Alvarez told police defendant Murray asked him to call 911 only after the room was cleared of the drugs,” the documents state.

Joe Jackson is seeking unspecified damages.

And to Mr. Conrad Murray we say, we don’t believe you, you need more people.

The New Republican Senate Are Acting Like A$$es!

President Obama On Unemployment

America voted for Republicans to bum-rush the show in DC and now they are about to bring the pain!

President Obama has asked a panel of congressional leaders to work out some sort of compromise on the expiring unemployment benefits. It seems as if the brash Republicans in Congress let the deadline for the unemployment benefits pass on by. Senate Democrats had asked for a yearlong reauthorization of Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits programs. This would have given those unemployed up to 73 weeks of benefits. The Mighty-Morphin Power Republicans did the dirt move and blocked the request. President Obama stated,

“We discussed working together to keep the government running this year — and running in a fiscally responsible way,” Obama said. “And we discussed unemployment insurance, which expires today. I’ve asked that Congress act to extend this emergency relief without delay to folks who are facing tough times by no fault of their own.”

It has been noted that if the an agreement isn’t met that over two-million long-term unemployed will stop receiving checks by Christmas! What in the hell is going on here? Republicans are talking that ying-yang but are up to their same “BS”. It’s crazy don’t any Republicans have family members who are jobless?


Do You And Your Lover Need To Follow Each Other Online??

Social media networks allow us not only to keep in touch with old friends and meet new folks whom we might not otherwise encounter offline, but it gives us the opportunity to remain in constant contact with boyfriends and girlfriends…for better or worse. Continue »

Ryan Seacrest Continues To Make It Rain On These Hoes

And the hits just keep on coming. American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest has supposedly inked a new deal with Clear Channel worth 60 million muthafuggin dollars! Say bruh, let us hold something!!

According to sources who spoke to The New York Times, news that Seacrest has inked a three-year, $60 million deal with the station will be announced Tuesday. The deal includes the daily talk show Seacrest currently hosts on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, and also opens the door for Seacrest to create a record label, music publishing business and live concert series, according to the Times’ reporting.

This deal sounds very similar to the one that the Camel did with Live Nation. Maybe Seacrest is coming for a piece of the Roc…


You Know You’re A Dirty Dog When… Tony Parker’s Lawyer Wants No Parts Of The Divorce

Tony Parker Eva Longoria Divorce

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*BOSSIP Exclusive* Did They Or Didn’t They??? Evelyn Lozada Addresses Secret Ochocinco Wedding

Evelyn Lozada

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Two-Step Tuesdays: Your New Music Guide For November 30, 2010

New Releases November 30

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Lil Kim, Lola Monroe, Rasheeda And Gangsta Boo Pose For ‘Hip-Hop Unity’ Photoshoot


A number of women in Hip-Hop have been tapped to pose for a unity style photoshoot including Trina, Lil Kim and Lola Monroe.

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8 Inspiring Celebrity Career Comebacks

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