End Of Days: Another Foot Of “That White” Cripples The Northeast

We don’t care what political affiliation you have, you can’t tell us that there’s not something going on with the weather. Continue »

RHOA Cynthia Bailey’s Dude Peter Wants You To Know: “She Only Gave Me $10K And I Can’t Stand Them Other Broads…”

Peter Thomas Uptown Magazine

Sometimes the husbands from Bravo’s hit series Real Housewives of Anything need to learn how to just shut the hell up and let their wives collect a paycheck. In the recent issue of Uptown Magazine, Cynthia’s husband, “Broke As A Joke” Peter Continue »

Dear T-Pain… WHY?!?! Are They Paying You That Much To Look That IG-NANT?!?!

T-Pain at DJ Khaled's Video Shoot

This is not the first time T-Pain has decided to put his ignorance up for display but “THIS” is a little bit more ridiculous than the “BIG A** CHAIN” he had made almost two years ago!!! Even if these liquor companies gave T-Pain the money to have these chains made… He Still Couldn’t Find ANYTHING Better To Do With The Money???!!?

SMH at this ________ Sh*zzz!!! Continue »

This Snow Is No Joke!!! Blizzard In Northeast Leave 2 Dead, Schools Closed, And Folks Stranded

snow storm in northeast US

The Northeast girded itself as a fast-moving storm moved full-force into the region overnight, bringing an icy mix of snow and rain Continue »

Steady Mobbin: Lauryn Hill Performs At Sundance Film Festival In Park City

EXPRESS Rocks Hosted By Skullcandy And Vevo At Harry O's Featuring Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill performed in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival. Continue »

For The RHOA Stans: Cynthia Bailey Wedding Episode Spoilers

rhoa cynthia bailey wedding

Here’s some info on the season finale Cynthia Bailey “wedding” episode of RHOA: Continue »

Nicole Richie Does Coke Now?

Snooki — I’ve NEVER Written a Check Before in My Life

Ed Reed’s Brother’s Body Found in Mississippi River

Obama Gets Skipped On Guest List For Royal Wedding

Charles Barkley Decides To Bow Out Of Politics For The Time Being…

C’mon now Chuck, you never had a chance at winning anyway… Continue »

They Must Be Building Snowmen In Hell: Kanye West Finally Learns How To Keep His Damn Mouth Closed

Kanye, forever a showman, brings us another epic moment in his illustrious career, his first ever silent interview. Continue »

10 People That Will Never Perform At A Super Bowl Halftime Show

Janet Jackson super bowl

Ever since Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson’s boob on national television during the Super Bowl halftime show a few years ago, we’ve had to endure old, worn out white guys singing hits from the 70s while the rest of us went to get a refill on beer and nachos. Continue »

Some Hump Day Swirl: Chelsea Handler Broke 50 Cent’s Heart….GTFOH

chelsea handler 50 cent in bed

Wow this sounds “interesting”:

Comedian, TV host…man-eater? Continue »


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