Twitter Files: 50 “Bugsy” Cent And Ci-Error Have A Lovers Quarrel Last Night With Subliminal Tweets

Looks like there was some iThuggin goin on last night as the rumored former secret lovers 50 Cent and Ciara took shots at each other on the low. Continue »

10 Ways We Can Stop Fatherless Homes

Fatherless homes are at the root of a lot of problems in the black community. Continue »

Remember Us??

Wanya Morris and Nathan Morris from Boyz II Men arrive at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada

Here is Nate and Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men spotted in the airport in Toronto with their bubble vest swag in full effect. Continue »

Segregating Black Students For Their Own Sake

Nicki Minaj Covers King Magazine [Pictorial]

nicki minaj king magazine

Nicki Minaj is gracing the cover of the March/April issue of King magazine Continue »

Which One Would You Hit??? NBA All-Star Starter Edition

kobe bryant lebron james nba 2011 all-star game

The 2011 NBA All-Star team starters have been selected… Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Day 5 Of The Wildin’ Out, Chaos In Cairo Continues

Good brother Malcolm said “By any means necessary” and clearly the Egyptian people LIVE by that sh*t… Continue »

Good Riddance!!! George “Doesn’t Care About Black People” Bush Is Done With Politics

george w. bush drunk

We hope this guy means what he says:

Former president George W. Bush says he is through with politics, fundraising and campaigning — and has no interest in political punditry. Continue »

R.I.P.: Baltimore Ravens’ Ed Reed’s Brother Identified As Man Who Jumped In Mississippi River After Encounter With One-Time

brian reed ed reed

So sad:

An autopsy has confirmed police suspicions that the body recovered from the Mississippi River Tuesday is in fact, Brian Reed, the 29-year-old brother of Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed. Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Lindsay Lohan Is Supposedly “Worried” About Charlie Sheen

Well, we guess if anyone has the right to show concern, or speak on Charlie’s crackish behavior it would be Lindsay, Queen of the Hollyweird crack hoes. Continue »

Should The Judge Lift Chris Brown’s Restraining Order??? Lawyer Claims It Makes Award Shows Difficult

Chris Brown in Court for Progress Report

It’s been almost two years to the date since Chris Brown and Rihanna’s domestic violence dispute during the Grammy weekend in L.A. Since then, Chris Brown has completed 581 hours of community service, 52 week course on domestic violence and has regained the love back from his fans. With a restraining order that has an expiration date of 2010, Chris Brown’s lawyer asked for the judge to lift the restraining order… Continue »

Hot Dayyum Hoe Here We Go Again: T-Pain Gets A New Ridiculous A** Facebook Tattoo

T-Pain's Facebook Tattoo

While in Hawaii, T-Pain blessed his body with a new tattoo. With all the crazy things he does, it’s no surprise he would get a tattoo that speaks for it all. As you see, T-Pain’s new tattoo was inspired by Facebook… Continue »

Lawked Up: A Gallery Of Rapper Mug Shots

dmx mug shot

Spoiler alert: rappers go to jail. A lot. The funny thing is most of them don’t get to jail until they start rapping because their tales of past thuggery are all fabricated. Continue »

A Little Friday Night Fkery: Name The Designer


Let’s just say this fashion atrocity was from a haute couture line… Continue »

Disney Coke Whore Chronicles: Demi Lovato Is Back In The World

Demi Lovato leaked photos

After nearly three months of inpatient treatment, Demi Lovato is finally heading home. Continue »


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