Who Is My Mother?

vanessa williams and daughter melanie

This young lady’s mother is an actress who has been on “banger status” for decades. Continue »

Busted! Memphis Grizzlies Guard OJ Mayo Suspended 10 Games For Steriod Use!

Damn, we knew that Baseball and Football players were gettin’ it in, but the NBA??? Continue »

Rasheed Young: How He Became President of Run Athletics


It’s not too much of a stretch to say that most people want to be number one in something. They want to lead a successful company or team, own their own business, and be a leader. But behind all great leaders and cultural influencers are behind-the-scenes advisors and friends. No one’s an island. Continue »

These Celebrities Give Us Hair Envy

Raven Symone

These celebrity women have captivated us with their hair (both natural and not so much). Continue »

9 Reasons Why Ron Artest Shouldn’t Be Rapping…

9 Reasons Why Ron Artest Shouldn't Be Rapping

Rumored to be working with Dre, Snoop Dog and Monica on a new mixtape, we had to take the opportunity to pay homage to Ron Artest as he joins the ranks of several other athletes with the most halarious attempts at musical crossovers..EVER! Continue »

Question Of The Day: $50 Million or Your Husband?

camille kiss kelsey grammer

After spending two decades in tinseltown Camille Grammer finally has the power, fame and recognition she’s yearned — but at what cost? Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin?? Kelly Rowland Or Angela Simmons

Last night several celebrity and celebrity-types attended MTV’s Staying Alive Fundraising and farewell event to celebrate the achievements of Bill Roedy, Chairman and Chief Executive of MTV Networks International at Westbury Hotel in London.

Which of these ladies would you say look more bangin? The destiny child, or the daddy’s girl?? Continue »

Coupled Up: AKeys And Swizz Beak Wear Matching Glittery Shoes To The Knicks Game

celebrities at the knicks game, alicia keys and swizz beatz, kanye west, spike lee, howard stern

Alicia Keys-Dean and her husband Kaseem got a lil break from baby Egypt and hit up the Knicks game last night Continue »

Obama Supporters Slanging Barack’s Birth Certificate For $100 A Pop For The Non-Believers

obama birth certificate

This is interesting:

Moving to dispel claims that President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, his supporters in the state’s legislature have introduced a bill that would allow anyone to get a copy of his birth records for a $100 fee. Continue »

WTF??? Man And His Jump-Off Get Popped For Keeping His Wife Locked Up In The Basement For Years

Joao Batista Groppo

Sometimes the only thing worse than these dirty dogs are the dirty broads who allow them to do the sh*t they do. Continue »

Unplugged From The Matrix: Egypt Shuts Down All Internet Connections Throughout The Entire Country!

Just because folks in Egypt may not EAT ham doesn’t mean they won’t GO ham…

About a half-hour past midnight Friday morning in Egypt, the Internet went dead.

Almost simultaneously, the handful of companies that pipe the Internet into and out of Egypt went dark as protesters were gearing up for a fresh round of demonstrations calling for the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s nearly 30-year rule, experts said.

Egypt has apparently done what many technologists thought was unthinkable for any country with a major Internet economy: It unplugged itself entirely from the Internet to try and silence dissent.

Experts say it’s unlikely that what’s happened in Egypt could happen in the United States because the U.S. has numerous Internet providers and ways of connecting to the Internet. Coordinating a simultaneous shutdown would be a massive undertaking.

“It can’t happen here,” said Jim Cowie, the chief technology officer and a co-founder of Renesys, a network security firm in Manchester, N.H., that studies Internet disruptions. “How many people would you have to call to shut down the U.S. Internet? Hundreds, thousands maybe? We have enough Internet here that we can have our own Internet. If you cut it off, that leads to a philosophical question: Who got cut off from the Internet, us or the rest of the world?”

As crazy as this sounds Egypt isn’t the first country to shut down their internet or at least have it censored

China has long restricted what its people can see online and received renewed scrutiny for the practice when Internet search leader Google Inc. proclaimed a year ago that it would stop censoring its search results in China.

In 2009, Iran disrupted Internet service to try to curb protests over disputed elections. And two years before that, Burma’s Internet was crippled when military leaders apparently took the drastic step of physically disconnecting primary communications links in major cities, a tactic that was foiled by activists armed with cell phones and satellite links.

We’re scared to think what would happen if the internet was shut down in the U.S. People would be wildin out in the streets!

How long do you think you could go without the internet? (Hopefully not too long, because you need to log on here and catch the latest and greatest.)


SMH: 5th-Grade Girl Kicked Out Of Class Because Her Hair Was “Too Wild”

girl kicked of class for hair being distracting

Wow. SMH at them putting her in the “Special” class because of her hair! Continue »

Where Is Kim Porter??? Diddy Says He Wants A Wife Like Beyonce

Diddy Jay-Z Beyonce

It doesn’t look like Kim Porter is ever getting that ring, poor thang. Continue »

Twitter Files: Joe Budden And Marlon Wayans Catch iFade

Twitter, a publicist worst nightmare. Yesterday afternoon Joe Budden and Marlon Wayans got involved eScuffle that was anti-climactic, yet entertaining nonetheless. Continue »


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