Bossip “Chops-It-Up” With Nelly On BET Red Carpet About Supporting His Lil Sister And More! [Video]

Swirling With Another Minority Ain’t As Easy As It Sounds

On its face, it seems like interracial dating and mating with another minority–Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern–would seem a bit easier than hooking up with a WASP-y white guy, right? Continue »

What’s Cooking? Top Black Celebrity Chefs

The Transformers Movie Is Out And It Doesn’t Suck…Too Much

transformers review

The most anticipated flick of the year is finally out. So what do the critics think? Continue »

Sh*t Is Real In Greece?? Rioters Tear The Streets Of Athens Up In Protest Of Budget Cuts

The people of Athens took it to the streets to show their politicians just how much they were against proposed budget cuts being considered in an attempt to get Greece some dough from it’s European neighbors. Continue »

TwitPic Of The Day: Rolling With Baby Usher… Naviyd Is Pure Comedy!!!

Naviyd Raymond Standing on his stroller

We’re not even entirely sure what is going on in this picture Continue »

*Exclusive* Tyga, Bobby V, And DJ Drama On BET Red Carpet [Video]

Continue »

Aw Po’ Thang: Silly A** Sarah Palin Feels Hated By Celebrities And Can’t Understand Why

Well Sarah, it isn’t really hard to tell why people don’t rock with you… Continue »

Yeah, We Said It: Why Are Evelyn “Get’Em Girl” Lozada’s People Living in the PJs?

Evelyn Lozada

This week’s “Basketball Wives’” saga was replete with the necessary amount of drama to keep fans enthralled. Continue »

Caption This

Rihanna Performs At The Staples Center In LA

Rihanna had another clothing-optional performance at the Staples Center in LA last night. Continue »


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