Obscure Shopping Websites You’ll Go Bankrupt On

Rumor Control: What Really Happened With Stacey Dash And “Single Ladies”

Stacey Dash Releases Statement About Departure From VH1's "Single Ladies"

We finally have a statement from Stacey Dash about whether or not the alleged on-set foolery we’ve been hearing about is the reason she’s no longer on “Single Ladies!” Continue »

Snooki Tells Chelsea Handler She Wants To Be Next Kim Kardashian! [Video]

Snooki Tells Chelsea Handler She Wants To Be Next Kim Kardashian! [Video]

Ask A Very Smart Brotha: Stalker Tendencies And Role Reversals

You are probably not used to getting questions from guys, but I’m in an unpleasant situation that I would love to get your opinion on. Continue »

Tweet Of The Day: The Kang’s First Words As A Free Man

T.I. Returns To Twitter After Release From Prison

Is Paris Hilton Swirling It Up With This Tall Glass Of Mello Yellow?

Socialite Paris Hilton arrived at the airport in Paris, France with DJ Afrojack on August 31, 2011 as they take flight to the Island of Mallorca. Paris has been busy working on her latest project, a house music album.

Uh huh, we see you Paris… Somebody peeped how much gwap Kimmy Cakes has been caking since hooking up with her boo and decided to get a tall lightskinned brother of her own huh? Continue »

Must Be Nice: Inside Kourtney, Kim And Khloe’s Klosets

Inside Kim Kardashian's Closet

It’s probably no surprise to you that inside each of the Kardashian sisters’ big a** houses are big a** closets. Continue »

“Train Surfing” In India Frowned Upon By Indian Rail Officials, But It’s Used To Pull The Ladies! [Video]

A viral video showing a group of young daredevils “train surfing” in suburban Mumbai has India’s railway officials flipping out. Continue »

Transgender Children: Jack Or Jackie?? 10 Year-Old Boy Has Always Wanted To Be A Girl Since 18-Months-Old

How early is too early to realize you’re a transgender??? Continue »

Studio Gangstas Pt. II: 10 Male Singers Who Can’t Sang!

It was just an average day at the HipHopWired office, as we sat around listening to The-Dream’s new 1977 album, when it dawned on us…you know, The-Dream can’t really sing. Continue »


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