It Was All Good Just Five Years Ago: Remember Lisa Wu And Ed Hartwell’s Wedding? [Photos]

Lisa Wu And Ed Hartwell's Wedding Album

Five years ago, when she married her second “celebrity” husband, Lisa Wu decided to share her joy with the readers of Essence Magazine. Continue »

New Young Jeezy Music Video “Do It For You” Ft. Freddie Gibbs: Is Jeezy Crippin? [Video]

We didn’t know they were crippin in the ATL!!

Eazy E’s Daughter Erin “E.B.” Wright’s “What I Wanna Do” Trailer [Video]

What I wanna do cover

Music newcomer E.B. Wright, the daughter of rap legend, Eazy-E, is set to debut her single “What I Wanna Do” on September 7, 2011 the day of her late father’s birthday. Continue »

Hoodwinked And Bamboozled: Woman Buys A Block Of Wood Thinking It’s An iPad

fake wood ipad

Got. This is how you get got. Continue »

Last Week I Was In My Other Other Benz: Rappers With Dope Mercedes

Kanye West Mercedes

Mercedes Benz has officially been the most used brand name in Hip-Hop songs for the past 15 years, and doesn’t look to be slowing down. Continue »

Thirsty Hoes: Lindsay Blo-Han Offers Breezy Some Yayo’d Up Becky Lovin’

Lindsay Lohan Chris Brown

In “Thirsty Ho News” yayo and alkie lover Lindsay Blo-Han is hunting for new prey and has apparently taken a shine to none other than Breezy. Continue »

Dumbest Criminal Ever Facing Jail Time For A Robbery That Only Earned Him Seven Cents!

anthony stewart

All of this for one nickel and two pennies? Continue »

Cover Girls: Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston, And Demi Moore Do Glamour Magazine

Alicia Keys Jennifer Aniston Demi Moore on the cover of Glamour Magazine

Alicia Keys, along with demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston, is on the cover of Glamour promoting their new film “Five.” Continue »


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