Sean Hannity Can Eat Shaft: Sean Says “President Obama Isn’t Smart” [Video]

Sean, since you are so smart… why are you on a damn tv show instead of using your brilliant mind in our gov? Eff Hannity and his underlying racism. Continue »

Amber Rose Exclusive Pt. 1: The Bald Headed Beast Says She Dumped VH1 Because They Wanted her To Act More “Ethnic?” [Video]

Amber Rose Exclusive Part1: On The Set Of Amber’s New Movie, We Clear Up Some Things… Like Her Not Liking The Name We Gave Her, “Bald Headed Beast.” Continue »

Janet Jackson Won’t Attend Brother’s Tribute

Celebs Who Need To Go Back To School

StyleBlazer Approved: Celebs Love Jumpsuits

Toccara Hosts “Ultimate Merger” Viewing Part

Prince Harry Gets Wet & Wild in Croatia

B.O.B. Recieves “Song Of The Year” Award

Deena From Jersey Shore Pole Dancing With The Stars

Update: Weapon Shady Miami One-Time Pulled On Solange Was A Knife, Not A Gun, 5-O Threatened To Stab Her… Banana?

Solange Banana

Poor Solange, she almost got roughed up for a little monkeying around! Continue »

10 Things We Wish Would Have Happened At The VMAs

We have to admit, last night’s MTV Video Music Awards show was one of the most memorable and entertaining award shows in recent memory. Continue »


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