Congratulations, Earth: Our Population Is Now 7 Billion People!


The world’s population hit a landmark number today. Continue »

Bossip Certified Links

[] Approved: Rihanna’s Fall Layered Look!
We can always count on Rihanna to keep that Femme Fatale and Carrie Bradshaw essence alive! (Read)

[] ‘ANTM’ All-Stars Sneak Peek
Tyra Banks very explicitly stated at the outset of this All-Star Cycle of America’s Next Top Model that the winner would have to be more than a pretty face — she was searching for a jackess of all trades. (Watch)

[] How I Did It: Celebrity Jewelry Designer Aklia Chinn
With more than 15 years catering to celebrity clients including Blair Underwood, Lisa Bonet, James Pickens and Lawrence Fishburne, Aklia Chinn is a jewelry designer who is a vet in the business. (Read)

[] When Your Mom And Your Lady Have Their Own Union
Seems every time I turn around, I’m hearing, “Oh, I was talking to your mother this afternoon about so-and-so,” or “I had a nice conversation with your girlfriend about such-and-such.” (Read)

[] 50 Cent Talks Twitter, New Album On Piers Morgan
50 Cent spoke with Piers Morgan on his talk show on CNN and the program will air tonight. After the interview 50 talked backstage about the convo with Piers and he credited him as a great journalist. (Watch)

The 6 Most Difficult Men To Date

Lawsuits: California Tot Gets $10 Milli From Hospital Where ER Delays Caused Amputation Of Her Hands And Feet

Malyia Jeffers

This is such a sad story especially when you consider that permanent damage could have been avoided! Continue »

Breaking News: Herman Cain Finally Comes Clean About Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

herman cain

Well, well, well. Raise your hand if you were surprised. Continue »

Amy Winehouse’s Posthumous Album, Lioness, Is Dropping In December


Looks like we’ll finally get to hear some new Amy Winehouse. Continue »

For The Children: Doctors Are Now Suggesting That HIV Testing Should Be Done Regularly Starting At Age 16

With these kids having sex younger and younger (and with teachers) nowadays, sounds like a good idea… Continue »

Certified Links

Big Boi, Keyshia Cole, Show Off Their Halloween Costumes (GO)

Drew Barrymore Get a Visit From Police Over Loud Halloween Party (GO)

Some Britney Sprears Concert Pics (GO)

Detroit: Down and Out, But Not Done (GO)

Good Reasons To Date A Rich Man (GO)

Drake’s “Take Care” Tracklisting Revealed (GO)

Former ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′ Editor Charged With 10 Counts Of Sex Exploit Of A Minor (GO)

Is The U.S. Prison Population Too Big To Jail? (GO)

Courtney Stodden Made Doug Be A Tranny, Too. They’re Twinsies! (GO)

Happy 39th Birthday Tracee Ellis Ross See a Gallery of Her Best Style Moments!(GO)

Kreayshawn Denies Dissing Gangsta Boo, Beef Squashed (GO)

Britney Spears Isn’t Doing Such A Hot Job at Her Concerts (GO)

Adele Cancels Concerts For The Year Due To Throat Surgery (GO)

Who Wore it Best? Basketball Wives LA Imani Vs. Rosa Acosta (GO)

Soulja Boy Says He’s Working With Drake, Is Tired Of Everyone Copying Him (GO)

Craziest Costume Of The Year: You HAVE To See This Lil Wayne Costume


This has got to be the wildest costume we’ve ever seen. Continue »

It’s A Wrap Already!! Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce From Husband Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce From Kris Humphries

For some reason we kew this wouldn’t work out, but damn…already?!?!?!?! Continue »


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