Coupled Up: Nicole Murphy And Michael Strahan Spotted Holding Hands In Cali [Photos]

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan out and about at The Malibu Country Mart

Nicole Murphy and her boo Michael Strahan were seen holding hands and stuff Continue »

Gotcha! Tami Roman Politics With The Po-Po To Figure Out Who Hacked Her Twitter And E-mail Accounts

Basketball Wives' Tami Roman says she is the victim of bullying by critics

Uh-oh, what kind of info/pics have these hackers gotten out of Tami’s account??? Continue »

Lupe Fiasco Says President Obama “Kills Little Children” [Listen]

Throughout his rap career Lupe Fiasco has been known to go through one identity crisis after another. In his pre-Food & Liquor days he was more interested in doing his impression of a “gangsta rapper” (look it up if you don’t believe us), then he went to “backpack rap,” and now that he’s growing his hair out, it appears that his latest mask is that of a part-time revolutionary, who also likes to DJ, and has tons of criticism for President Obama. Continue

Fat Joe Brings Out Kanye West, Jadakiss & More For “Pride & Joy” Video Shoot [Photos]

Fat Joe still gets the ultimate respect from his peers. The Bronx rapper recently shot the video for his latest single, “Pride & Joy,” and shared pictures from the set. Kanye West, Jadakiss, DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes and Miguel, who all appear on the “lengthy” (sarcasm) posse cut, as well as Ashanti, all came through to appear in the Hype Williams directed clip. Continue

Let’s Say Chuuurch! 8 “Holier Than Thou” Celebs…

Ohhh you know the type: always telling you how right you should be living and their own windows need washing. Continue »

Revenge of The Nerds: Reasons Why You Should Give Geeks A Chance

Someone recently asked me what my “type” is – the type of guy I usually fall for. Continue »


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