Coupled Up: Who Is This Aaliyah Lookalike With Jamie Foxx Holding Hands? [Video]

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L.A. Bossip Fam: Win Tickets To The Total Recall LA Premiere

This summer has brought out some of the hottest films in years! Total Recall is no exception.Total Recall comes out this Friday, August 3rd. Continue »

Bossip Certified Links

[] Kick Your Country Pride In High Gear With Flag Themed Chuck Taylors
Have you been glued to the all of the Olympics coverage, and swept up in the excitement and national pride? Converse has kicked that pride into high gear with the Country Collection of Chuck Taylors. Converse has remixed the flags and national colors of Italy, Germany, Brazil, Jamaica, The United Kingdom, China and of course, The United States. [Read]

[] Word on the Street: Would You Fight Back or Sue After an Assault?
In light of Jennifer Willaims’ lawsuit against Nia Crooks for assault on Basketball Wives, Bossip’s Jay asked L.A. pedestrians whether they would fight back or sue in the case of their own assault. Most said that they would fight if they knew their assailant had no money. (Watch)

[] TLC Was Wrong, You Could Use a Good Scrub: 5 Must Have Scrubs & Exfoliants for Summer
If you’re like me, I’m sure you spend a good minute every day, post-shower, moisturizing your skin up and down so that ash is not the first thing people can see when you walk in the building. As great as all those lotions and butters are, putting them on in the heat is not as fun as I would like it to be. [Read]

[] Hit-Boy ft. Kid Cudi – “Old School Caddy”
You know him more for his production, thanks to The Throne’s “Ni–as In Paris” being a worldwide smash, but Hit-Boy has plans on attaining recognition as an MC, too. With that said, the Surf Club founder drops the full version of “Old School Caddy,” featuring his G.O.O.D. Music brethren Kid Cudi. [Listen]


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