Gangsta Grillz: Tennessee Mom Popped For Punching Her Daughter In The Face For Burning Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So you’re really gonna fade your daughter? That’s what’s up… Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Here is a billboard in Massachusetts supporting its Governor Mitt Romney’s run for president, Continue »

Dear Bossip: My Man Said I Talk & Nag Too Much, So I Stopped Talking To Him

Dear Bossip,

Does the silent treatment work on men?

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Mitt Romney Didn’t Want Condoleezza Rice As His VP Because Of Her Support Of Gay Marriage And Abortion

mitt condi rice

We guess her being black and a woman wasn’t good enough.. Continue »

Damn!: Britney Spears Shows Off Weathered Body In Bikini [Video]

Continue »

Peace, Dawg: Randy Jackson Is Officially Out At “American Idol”

Don’t let the do’ knob hit ya… Continue »

How Stereotypical: Clint “Dirty Harry” Eastwood Opens Up For Mitt Romney At RNC Convention! [Video]

82-years young, Dirty Harry, delivered a killer of “inspiration” speech aimed at the change and hope President Obama promised:

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