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March 20th, 2014
8:49 AM EST
March 17th, 2014
8:57 AM EST

SMH: Ex-NBA Star Turned Jailbird Jayson Williams Says He Was Evicted From Country Club Crib Because He’s Black!

The former basketball baller has filed a lawsuit against his country club claiming they kicked his friends out of his home because they don’t like black people!

March 11th, 2014
9:08 PM EST
March 10th, 2014
8:52 PM EST

SMH: Man Stuck In Sewer For Two Days Trying To Find His $20 Bill [Video]

He dived in a sewer for $20? That’s how you know times are hard.

March 10th, 2014
4:04 PM EST

SMH: Vogue Italia Does ANOTHER “Tribal” Photo Shoot With White Models In Blackface And Braids

The Vogue magazine brand shows off the latest in offensive blackface fashion…again…

March 6th, 2014
8:59 PM EST

SMH: Daycare Suspends 2-Year-Old Girl For Bringing Cheese Sandwich [Video]

This is what’s goin’ on up in Drake-ville? Keeping kids outta class for cheese sandwiches?! SMH

February 28th, 2014
8:53 AM EST

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