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August 24th, 2007
8:23 AM EST

Quote of the Day: Jamie Foxx

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Jamie Foxx on Michael Vick’s Situation:

“It’s a cultural thing, I think. Most brothers didn’t know that, you know. I used to see dogs fighting in the neighborhood all the time. I didn’t know that was

May 29th, 2007
8:35 AM EST

Fill in The Blank: Jamie Foxx

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Jamie Foxx was spotted getting his club on at the Palms casino in Vegas over the weekend.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Jamie Foxx was using this flashlight to look for_________________.

Image via TMZ

February 21st, 2007
8:07 AM EST

Is Jamie Foxx Hittin’ This?

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Via New York Daily News:

Soap actress Victoria Rowell has been getting young and restless with Jamie Foxx in Las Vegas. At a Belvedere vodka party at the Empire Ballroom, Foxx pulled his usual photo-op

February 5th, 2007
3:41 PM EST

Fill in the Blank: Jamie Foxx

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Jamie Foxx hit the beach during Superbowl weekend in Miami.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Jamie Foxx looks like he is ___________________.

January 23rd, 2007
6:25 AM EST

Jamie Foxx Has a Liquid Fetish

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Via NY Post:

JAMIE Foxx doesn’t mess around when he plans his parties. For the after-bash follow ing his “Unpredictable” show at Marquee last night, the Oscar winner requested Bel vedere, plastic pour spouts and

January 16th, 2007
7:39 AM EST

Jamie Foxx Makes His Move

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Come on Jamie, you know that’s Derek Jeter’s girl. Looks like he went in for a real kiss and got dissed. Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel attended one of the Golden Globe after-parties.

Jamie: You’re already

October 9th, 2006
6:10 AM EST

Jamie Foxx at Palms Casino for Playboy Club VIP Grand Opening

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This is the type of party you would not take 1 hooker back to the room but maybe 3 or 4 in Jamie’s case. Possibly leave Vegas with the Herpes simplex virus as well.

Where is this

May 24th, 2006
10:13 AM EST

Hail to Queen Latifah and King Jamie Foxx

Until there’s a cure(Billboard)

May 25th, 2006
By Melanie Woodroffe

Whether we chose to face the reality of it or not, AIDS has been ravishing the black community since its initial discovery. Director George Nelson’s sister, a former drug user,

May 22nd, 2006
5:04 AM EST

Beyonce, Jamie Foxx Blow Cannes Away

Star Power

May 22nd, 2006
By Melanie Woodroffe

A 20 minute trailer of the upcoming film, DreamGirls was a huge success, receiving rave reviews and applause at the Cannes Film Festival.

Starring leads Beyonce Knowles and Jamie Foxx were on

August 11th, 2009
9:06 AM EST

Fancy Throws Jamie and his New Baby Under The Bus…

According to Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Jamie Foxx has a new baby on board.

May 16th, 2009
7:55 AM EST

What Was Jamie Thinking in That Muscle Jacket?

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We have heard of skinny jeans, but now skinny jackets? Jamie Foxx was spotted leaving Mr. Chows looking either as full as Buffie’s booty or wearing a jacket that he probably has a hard time getting