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September 2nd, 2007
12:36 PM EST

Coupled-Up: Where Was Jonetta???????

Posted by Bossip Staff

Usher and Tameka Foster held a formal marriage ceremony over the weekend at the luxurious Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, a 16th-century-style French chateau set on 3,500 acres of rolling hills outside Atlanta. Of course, the

August 30th, 2007
10:45 AM EST

Coupled Up at Studio 72

Posted by Bossip Staff

Newlyweds Usher and Tameka Foster attended the celebration for Jermaine Dupri’s opening of his new club Studio 72 outside of Atlanta, Ga. JD could not have been there without his boo, Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re

August 8th, 2007
5:41 AM EST

How Did She Get Past Secret Service???

Posted by Bossip Staff

After his recent wedding, Usher hit up Barack Obama’s birthday party. Usher says he and Tameka Foster are planning a bigger wedding later this year and wants to “prepare for the birth of our first child.”

August 4th, 2007
1:41 PM EST

Jay-Z on Marriage: I Don’t Want to Make Any Mistakes, Denies ‘Lil Camel’ is His Son

Posted by Bossip Staff

During a recent interview on the Hot 97 Angie Martinez show, Jay-Z said he ‘doesn’t like to make mistakes’ when the subject of marriage to Beyonce came up. He also denied that ‘Lil Camel’ is his

June 25th, 2007
9:08 AM EST

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff

Tameka Foster and Jamie Foxx have some fun Juicy-news

Britney Spears takes out a retraining order against her mother? I’m Not Obsessed

Jessica Alba didn’t sell-out Mexicans Lossip

Jessica Biel and Timberfake go for a jog

May 15th, 2007
6:56 AM EST

Seen on the Scene: Courtside @ The Playoffs

Posted by Bossip Staff

Jay-Z and Usher were at the Cavs vs. Nets game last night without their broads. We know Jay-Z’s boo is somewhere working hard, but where’s that Tameka Foster character?? I’m surprised she let go of that

May 12th, 2007
5:39 PM EST

Mama’s Boy

Posted by Bossip Staff

Usher and his 40 something, mother-like fiancee Tameka Foster, were spotted at the Grand Opening Weekend of The Cove Atlantis on Paradise Island in The Bahamas. How “sweet”, it’s just like hugging mama. Doesn’t Tameka Foster

May 6th, 2007
3:26 PM EST

Coupled-Up in Vegas

Posted by Bossip Staff

Despite rumors of trouble, Nelly and Ashanti were spotted coupled-up in Vegas over the weekend. The low-rent version of Beyonce and Joe Camel hit up Camel’s Mayweather Jr-De La Hoya fight after-party at club Tao in

April 19th, 2007
10:41 AM EST

Quote of The Day: Alexyss Tylor

Posted by Bossip Staff

Alexyss Tylor talking about Vagina Power:

“I am piloting the pu*sy, ya’ll got to be the pilot of the pu*sy, ya’ll got to be the pu*sy police”.

Ms. “Bend Her Like a Pretzel” Alexyss Tylor is

April 2nd, 2007
12:23 PM EST

Why Couldn’t He Have a Baby with Chilli???????

Posted by Bossip Staff

According to Atlanta celebrity photographer Sandra Rose , Usher’s fiancee Tameka Foster is pregnant. The R&B Gods and Usher’s Mom are not pleased with this. Chilli was the better deal. Usher and Tameka probably won’t make

March 16th, 2007
10:15 AM EST

Usher’s Fiancee Officially Dumps Husband and Family

Posted by Bossip Staff

According to V103 radio station in Atlanta, stylist Tameka Foster officially gave up on her marriage and family (she has 3 kids) and finalized her divorce from her husband Ryan Glover. This move clears the way

January 25th, 2007
5:06 AM EST


Posted by Bossip Staff

We broke the news early this year that Usher and Tameka were back on and it looks like these two are still going strong. Usher stepped out with the 33 year-old Tameka Foster Monday night at


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