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October 17th, 2012
11:11 PM EST

Mittens Caught Red Handed Encouraging Business Owners To ‘Influence’ Their Employees Vote!

It may not be illegal but this thuggish isht should be criminal!

October 17th, 2012
1:50 PM EST

Obama vs. Romney II: 6 Top Moments For The President

Last night’s presidential debate at New York’s Hofstra University between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney lived up to the hype

October 17th, 2012
8:13 AM EST

For Discussion: Money Mitt Says Single-Parent Households Promote Gun Violence In The Second Round Of Debates, Do You Agree?

Mitt Romney declared the United States needed to “change the culture of violence we have” by promoting marriage, is he right?

October 8th, 2012
8:56 AM EST
October 5th, 2012
12:47 AM EST

PBS Schools Mittens On Why They’re More Important Than His Shady Azz!

This idiot really knows how to tick off the wrong people…

October 4th, 2012
10:46 PM EST

For Discussion: Did Obama Blast Money Mitt Too Late In The Game?

POTUS gave the confident rebuttal we all expected last night…but after the Debate’s were over.


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