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October 21st, 2009
9:00 AM EST

Not To Be Out Done: Chris Brown Drops Promotional Pictures Right On Cue

Breezy is looking tangy with his boot and glasses steez, but we all know how much he likesbeating up the womb. This is a picture from the Transform Ya video shoot.  Can you say, re-make of Run This

October 6th, 2009
10:15 AM EST

Twitter Files: Chris Brown Going on Tour??

Chris Brown made an announcement via Twitter this morning.

Pop it and peep it

September 29th, 2009
10:20 AM EST

Chris Brown… You’re A Jerk!!!!

Your boy Breezy was in Hollyweird at the Lebron James sponsored Celebrity All-Star Game. He decided to start jerking during an interlude.

Pop it and peep Chris attention whoring.

September 18th, 2009
8:45 AM EST

Chris Brown On Day 2 of Community Service and Already Having the Time of His Life

Breezy felt it was necessary yesterday to take off his shirt and show off his new physique. In the pictures below, he is comparing tats with pigs, and he seems to be having a grand old time being… normal.


September 16th, 2009
10:45 AM EST

Chris Brown says his Heart is INCOMPLETE… Missing Someone or Something

Chris Brown says he is going through the motions, and he’s tweeting it up about a youtube collage of him and Rihanna.

Pop the Top and Peep the Changed Man Video & Tweets …

September 14th, 2009
10:35 AM EST

Tila Tequila Goes After Women Beaters…So Teyana the Treasure Troll & Chris Brown Respond

Lil foul mouthed Tila is really going in hard on Shawne Merriman and… “MechanicalDummy”(Chris Brown).  Teyana Taylor and Chris responded already. Peep what they said on Twitter about their women beating steezes.

August 25th, 2009
12:20 PM EST

This Just In: Chris Brown Sentencing Moved up to Today

Chris Brown’s sentence date has been moved two days up to today at 2PM PT.

August 21st, 2009
8:40 AM EST

Mary J. Blige Video For Lebron James’ New Movie Called “Stronger” Ft. Chris Brown

The new Lebron James movie looks like it might be pretty clean. Mary J. just released the first single and video for the movie , the song is titled Stronger. No Breezy in the video…

Pop it and watch

August 6th, 2009
8:50 AM EST

Chris Brown Suited and Booted

This is Chris Brown and his team coming out of court yesterday, looking like the Mexican Cartel. Anyways, the court date for Breezy’s sentencing has been delayed:

A Los Angeles judge postponed sentencing singer Chris Brown on Wednesday, saying she

August 5th, 2009
11:17 AM EST

Rihanna and Chris Brown Still Rockin’ That Thang

Chris Brown is going to be sentenced to five years of probation this afternoon for beating the brakes off of Rihanna . RiRi doesn’t feel that the protection order is necessary anymore, so she’s asking that it be removed. That’s

August 3rd, 2009
8:08 AM EST

Amber Rose to Star in Kanye’s Next Video

The other night when Amber Rose was backstage at the Young Money Tour, MTV caught up with her for a hot sec to see what she has been up too, besides kissing on C. Breezy and s*cking Kanye

July 22nd, 2009
10:41 AM EST

Isn’t He Married: Let’s Get Real Here…Is Jay-Z Chopping Down Rihanna???

This guy is doing way too much finagling with that little Riri. We know everyone else is afraid to say it, but f*ck it. Jay-Z is chopping them cakes down if you ask us:

Rihanna and Jay-Z rolled into

July 22nd, 2009
9:16 AM EST

Hip-Hop Beef: Joe Camel Talks About Chris Brown and BET Awards Then Calls The Game a “Groupie”

Jay-Z must be tired of the rumors and all the hoopla. He went on a radio show yesterday and talked it all out. He addresses the Chris Brown incident and apology. After doing that, he goes hard at The Game:

July 20th, 2009
5:01 PM EST

*Breaking News* Chris Brown Finally Man’s Up and Apologizes

Yeah, we can’t believe it either. Chris Brown finally asked his fans and society for forgiveness. Now maybe people will get over it.

Pop the top and see the video for yourself.

July 10th, 2009
8:50 AM EST

More Incriminating Pictures of Chris Brown Trying to Kiss Amber Rose’s Neck At White Party

Amber Rose released a statement saying that she didn’t get it in with Breezy at Puff’s White Party:

“I know Chris, cause I did the Ludacris and Chris Brown video……. However, there is nothing romantic between the two of us,


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