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March 18th, 2010
8:11 AM EST

Todd Bridges: You Know You Have Hit Rock Bottom When You’re Rocked Out And Rocking A Diaper

Todd Bridges out promoting his new Tell-All book called “Kill Willis” and hit up Fox & Friends to further discuss his rock addiction and rocking a diaper:

March 9th, 2010
7:59 AM EST

Usher Looking Lost, Lonely, And Like He Needs A Friend…

Usher was seen roaming the streets of Hollyweird yesterday looking just a tad bit worn down. He must be stressing about his album and its non-existent release date. Poor thang.

Peep more on the flip..

March 8th, 2010
4:49 PM EST

Twitter Files: Has Ron Artest Lost His Mind??? Or Is He Just In Need Of Some Attention???

Ron Artest must’ve gotten sick of Kobe and Lamar getting all the attention because if this ish on his head doesn’t scream “HEY LOOK AT ME!!!!” we don’t know what does. Pop the hood for more info and pictures of

March 8th, 2010
9:44 AM EST

Samuel L. Jackson After Mo’Nique’s Speech: What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Samuel L. Jackson is very much respected for his profession in Hollyweird and the road he has traveled to get to this point BUT… What the hell was that look Sam gave after Mo’nique’s speech???

What’s Wrong with This Picture???

March 6th, 2010
8:47 AM EST

Some Saturday Sweetness

Awwww. Halle Berry and Nahla were spotted having a wonderful playdate at a park in Beverly Hills looking absolutely adorable.

Nahla is such a little cutie pie, and we’re glad that Halle is taking the time out to raise her

March 2nd, 2010
11:59 AM EST

Seen On The Scene: Serena And LaLa Dine At Mr. Chow

Serena Williams, back in Hollyweird after her humanitarian efforts in Kenya, hit up Mr. Chow for a ladies night dinner with LaLa Vazquez.

More pics of Serena, LaLa, and her boo Common working out when you…

March 2nd, 2010
11:57 AM EST

Regina King Is The Queen Of Cheer!!! Actress Dedicates Time As Volunteer Coach

Regina King is doing her part to give Hollyweird a good name. The actress volunteers her time with California teens and pre-teens coaching cheerleading. Pop the hood for details!

March 2nd, 2010
8:15 AM EST

Some Morning Preciousness

Halle Berry, her ‘life partner’ Gabriel Aubry, and their precious daughter Nahla hit the scene for a public family outing.   The Berry-Aubrys went to Best Buy, Babies ‘R’ Us, and Rite Aid and then grabbed lunch at a local

March 1st, 2010
12:30 PM EST

Which One Would You Hit??

Lenny Kravitz tweeted this pic over the weekend of some handsome and talented brothas having a wonderful time in Hollyweird.

Ladies, if you had to choose one of these kind fellows to soak up the drawls…which one would you let

February 28th, 2010
9:45 AM EST

Remember Me???

Shari Headley, most famous for her role as Lisa McDowell in “Coming To America” hit up Neicy Nash’s 40th birthday party in Hollyweird last night.

Flip it to peep how she’s looking now…

February 28th, 2010
9:12 AM EST

Are You Feelin This “F*ck PETA….Furry Slacks Are Fashionable” Get Up??

Someone decided that it would be a fantastic idea to rock some pants made out of fur to kick it last night in Hollyweird.

Please be sure to pop the hatch to find out who on God’s green Earth is

February 24th, 2010
1:58 PM EST

Mommy, Where Is My Hairstylist??

Mel B and her daughter Angel were out and about in West Hollyweird shopping yesterday.  The mother and daughter duo were seen rocking their matching shaved heads except Angel’s hair was looking real raggedy. Come on Mel you’ve got

February 18th, 2010
10:23 AM EST

Big Thangs Poppin’ For Precious Star… Showtime Gives Gabby Sidibe A TV Role

The good news keeps coming for Gabourey Sidibe! First she’s an Academy Award nominee for “Precious,” now it looks like she may be headed to cable after taping a new Showtime pilot. Pop the hood for the details on her

February 3rd, 2010
6:33 PM EST

How Cute is Diddy’s Daughter?

Diddy’s daughter Chance is back in the spotlight again.  First she was a cop now she’s a cowgirl. How cute. Between the twins on their Hollyweird steez and Chance playing dress up we can’t take it.  Another pic once you

February 3rd, 2010
4:49 PM EST

Another Day Another Reality Show: The Norwoods Get a New Show

The Kardashians may have some competition, because Brandy, Ray-J and their parents are coming out with a new VH1 reality show called “Family Business”. Details on the flippy.


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