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June 5th, 2014
10:14 PM EST

Chubby Lumpkins No More: Man Vs. Food Star Poses Naked After 70lb Weight Loss

See what happens when you stop eating 45-pound hamburgers?

June 2nd, 2014
3:55 PM EST
May 30th, 2014
6:25 PM EST

Herd Mentality: Study Proves That Chubby Lumpkins Are Happiest When Sticking Together

Birds of a feather flock together…especially at KFC, apparently.

May 17th, 2014
9:33 AM EST

Ho Slim Down! Sherri Shepherd’s Husband Wanted Her To Sign Chubby Lumpkins “Fat Contract”!

Sherri is taking a BEATING from the men in her life. Don’t eat the cake, Anna Mae…

May 16th, 2014
12:29 AM EST

Down Low Lovin': Chubby Lumpkins Actress Melissa McCarthy Says She’s Dated “So Many” Gay Men

Big girls need love too…even if it’s not from a straight man.

April 14th, 2014
1:20 PM EST

Chubby Lumpkins No More: Mo’Nique Says She’s Becoming One Of Those Skinny Chicks She Used To Hate

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique says she’ doesn’t want to be a fat diva anymore!

April 4th, 2014
8:20 PM EST

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