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April 22nd, 2012
11:53 AM EST
April 22nd, 2012
11:45 AM EST
April 22nd, 2012
11:13 AM EST

What The Hell?? 10-Year-Old Boy Served Rum At An Indianapolis Olive Garden

Sounds like someone should’ve been fired for this one!

April 22nd, 2012
11:05 AM EST
April 22nd, 2012
10:22 AM EST

Elsewhere In The World: England’s Only Black Bishop Is A Victim Of Blatant Racism…He’s “Not One Of Us”

The Anglican church is about to have its first black spiritual leader…of course there is going to be racism, right?

April 21st, 2012
2:49 PM EST

Chief Keef Says Birdman Wants To Sign Him Cash Money

Is that that isht you don’t like??


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