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January 4th, 2010
10:01 AM EST

SMH: G-Dep In Aluminum Foil Hat Looking Like The 2010 Flavor Flav

Poor G-Dep. This dude has a video called “Out of Control” and it’s pretty damn sad. From his rocked out steez, to the Expedition with Lambo doors, to the gas station pimpin’…

What did Diddy do to this guy???


December 31st, 2009
8:35 AM EST

Flavor Flav Infested Hoopz is Swapping Spit with a Certain NFL Player

Hoopz just had a duo photo shoot with Urban Ink magazine. Why anyone would want to get with this girl after she was all in Flavor Flav’s mouth is just disgusting. Once you see her photo shoot partner, this dude

September 30th, 2009
10:50 AM EST

Flavor Flav is Going Back to High School

Your boy Flavor Flav always keeps it coming. In a recent interview, he stated that he has a couple things in the works. Flav is working on another reality show, going back to high school and getting a talk show…

August 13th, 2009
8:15 AM EST

Some Morning Fug: Flavor Flav at 7-Eleven

Here is everyone’s favorite crackhead Flavor Flav getting some snacks and sh*t from 7-Eleven. Man, broads were really kissing, sucking, and f*cking this dude on that Flavor of Love BS. SMH. Gross.

Flip it for more…

August 19th, 2008
8:45 AM EST

Flavor Flav’s Ex Boo Covers King

Posted by Bossip Staff

Surprise, surprise. The very first winner of Flav’s heart Nikki Alexander, better known as Hoopz and her stacked body is featured on the cover of the ‘prestigious’ King Magazine.. All those broads making out, faux-loving Flavor

February 18th, 2008
8:23 AM EST

Flavor Flav is Engaged?

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rumors are swirling that Flavor Flav is currently engaged and is just doing this third season of Flavor of Love for the check:

“Right after season two wrapped Flav got yet another woman pregnant. He decided

February 12th, 2008
5:30 AM EST

Blame This on Flavor Flav

Posted by Bossip Staff

Luke aka Luther Campbell discusses his upcoming reality show on VH1 called ‘Parental Advisory':

Parental Advisory showcases the diversity in my life. One day I am with my kids, the next day I am in the

August 1st, 2007
6:10 AM EST

Blame This on Flavor Flav

Posted by Bossip Staff

That reality show phenomenon foolishness has really worked out for these Flavor of Love chicks. These broads are getting mad play and Flav’s gross ass is getting roasted on TV. SMH. Shay is looking alright.


June 19th, 2007
8:35 AM EST

Blame This on Flavor Flav Part 2

Posted by Bossip Staff

Suge Knight is calling his upcoming reality TV show “Suge Knight’s Unfinished Business”. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Suge says he is a changed man, strolling though LA with Toi-Lin Kelly, a female

June 19th, 2007
7:49 AM EST

Blame This on Flavor Flav

Posted by Bossip Staff

DJ Kay Slay and “model” Buffie The Body” are pitching a reality show. Enjoy the preview of the “reality show couple” fighting over cooking pork in a hotel. SMH.

June 13th, 2007
9:24 AM EST

Flavor Flav and Hammer are Political Scientists

Posted by Bossip Staff

Flavor Flav and Hammer recently have had some really creative and enlightening stuff to say about the war in Iraq. Flav says:

“Bush wanna be fly, tell that mother f**ker to send the troops home from

September 4th, 2006
11:26 AM EST

Flavor Flav Boots Buckwild EP# 6: "Where is Your Accent?" LMAO

Nibblez also gets the boot. Sorry for ruining it for everyone. Looks like “Becky Buckwild” is a certified wigger, you know it is evident early when a girl is acting more ghetto than girls from the CPT and projects. SMH,

September 2nd, 2006
9:35 PM EST

SMH: Flavor Flav’s Rules of Romance

LMAO@”good housewife skills”


What are the first things you look for? She’s gotta be pretty. Gotta have good brains on her shoulders. And she has to have good housewife skills.

What’s your ideal first date? I’m a


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