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August 4th, 2011
7:08 PM EST
August 3rd, 2011
10:11 AM EST

Race Matters: Affluent Blacks And Hispanics Live In Poorer Neighborhoods Than Middle Class White Folks

A new study finds that African-American and Hispanic Americans are more likely to live in poor neighborhoods

July 26th, 2011
9:24 AM EST
July 23rd, 2011
2:24 PM EST

For Discussion: New Study Shows That Self-Esteem Levels Vary Between Race And Age

Check out this article and let us know what you think.

July 22nd, 2011
6:34 PM EST

Pimpin’ All Over The World: The 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In Around The Globe In 2011

For most young people, the biggest incentive in living and working overseas is money.

July 18th, 2011
11:43 AM EST

Time Ain’t On His Side: Ja Rule Faces Additional Prison Time For Tax Evasion

These ninjas just haven’t learned…you can’t cheat Uncle Sam!!

July 15th, 2011
9:16 AM EST
July 11th, 2011
9:56 AM EST

For Your Information: HIV/AIDS Linked With Poverty Have Highest Rates In Southern States

Nearly all U.S. counties stricken with both high rates of HIV infection and poverty are located in Southern states

July 7th, 2011
6:33 PM EST

According To The WSJ This Guy Is Allegedly The Shady New “Black Bernie Maddoff”

We posted about this Alphonse Fletcher Jr. character filing an discrimination suit against his co-op earlier this year, but now the Wall Street Journal has turned the magnifying lens on him, essentially accusing “Buddy” of some shady business practices!

July 6th, 2011
11:22 AM EST

Say What? GOP’s Jeff Sessions Says Proposed Tax Hikes For The Rich Is ‘Rather Pathetic’

These tea-baggin’ GOP folks are some of the most delusional sons of F’s.

June 29th, 2011
8:13 AM EST

Bolitics: Michele Bachmann’s Clinic Receives $137K In Medicaid Funds

Tsk. Tsk. This Bachmann broad gets more entertaining by the day!

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