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January 18th, 2013
12:41 PM EST

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January 7th, 2013
3:54 PM EST

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December 31st, 2012
10:02 AM EST

Magazine Covers: JET Magazine Pays Homage To Jordan Davis, Teen Slain In Florida Over “Playing Music Too Loudly”

The upcoming January 14th issue of JET Magazine asks a difficult question on its cover. Is your child next?

December 26th, 2012
4:23 PM EST

The “C’Mon Son: Criminal Struggle” Award aka “What Were You Thinking?” [2012 HHW Struggle Awards]

2012 has been a year full of surprises, tragedies, good music and everything in between.

December 20th, 2012
8:56 AM EST
December 12th, 2012
4:31 PM EST

Judge Denies George Zimmerman’s Request To Remove GPS Tracking Device

A Florida judge denied George Zimmerman’s request to remove his 24-hour GPS tracking device Tuesday (Dec. 11).

December 8th, 2012
1:09 PM EST

10 Things To Know About The “Stand Your Ground” Law [PHOTOS]

Florida has been launched into the international spotlight thanks to its controversial “stand your ground” law

December 6th, 2012
6:04 PM EST

The Super Side-Eye: George “Triggerman” Zimmerman Sues NBC And Says “I’m Not A Racist!

This thirsty jailbird will try any and everything to get some gwap! SMH


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