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March 17th, 2009
6:40 AM EST

Moving Forward…

Posted by Bossip Staff

Life goes on for Chrihanna. Sources say Rihanna may even be ready to move on (without Breezy?):

March 16th, 2009
11:20 AM EST

Chris Brown’s Lawyers Look to Get All Charges Dropped

Posted by Bossip Staff

Chris Brown’s legal team is bypassing the small talk and going for it all as they look to get the charges against the star completely dropped:

His lawyers want the charges against the R&B star, 19,

March 15th, 2009
7:30 AM EST

A Spoiled Plan

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna’s plan to sneak out the back door of Da Silvano restaurant in NY was thwarted by the paps, and she doesn’t look thrilled about the whole thing.  At any rate, it’s good to see lil’

March 14th, 2009
6:30 AM EST

TI’s Singles Go 3X Plat Before Doing Jail Bid

Posted by Bossip Staff

TI has new found success largely based on his run in with the law. His music has reached a high:

March 13th, 2009
3:01 PM EST

Rih On Testifying: “I Will Not Speak!”

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna has decided to keep her black and blue mouth shut:

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, wants the judge to give Rihanna a pass from testifying because of leaks in the case.

March 13th, 2009
2:20 PM EST

Oprah Discusses Rih On Show & Rih Tweets “She Doesn’t Know What’s Best For Me”

Posted by Bossip Staff

Oprah previously gave her opinion on the Chrihanna saga, then yesterday she blasted Rihanna’s decision to go back to Chris on her show. Rih caught wind of Oprah’s initial comments and tweeted the March 8th

March 12th, 2009
9:41 AM EST

No Kids’ Choice Awards This Year For Chris Brown and Tina Davis Speaks

Posted by Bossip Staff

Chris Brown has decided to remove his name from the ballot at the Kids’ Choice Awards:

There won’t be any awkward Chris Brown moment at the Kids’ Choice Awards – the embattled pop star has withdrawn

March 12th, 2009
7:50 AM EST

Tyra Banks on Abuse

Posted by Bossip Staff

It seems as though the Chrihanna saga has brought mofos out of the woodwork to share their respective stories, and Tyra has one as well:

In the wake of pop star Rihanna’s alleged beating by singer

March 11th, 2009
1:20 PM EST

Chris-Free Festivities

Posted by Bossip Staff

According to sources, RiRi was livin’ it up at Coco de Ville into the wee hours of this morning, sportin’ shades the entire time. We got a little footage of said outing on the flipside.

March 11th, 2009
8:05 AM EST

More Media Whores Poppin Out of the Woodwork

Posted by Bossip Staff

Striving for relevancy, Robin Givens uses her only claim to fame to get out in the spotlight once more:

Robin Givens has a message for Rihanna: Get out now.

March 11th, 2009
7:16 AM EST

Rumor Control: Breezy Did Not Call Usher & Friends Out

Posted by Bossip Staff

Word is, the rumors about Chris Brown calling Usher & co. a bunch o’ b*tches is completely unfounded:

March 10th, 2009
2:00 PM EST

Revealed: Breezy’s Manager Tina Davis is Mystery Text Woman

Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn, Tina…

TMZ knows who triggered the fight that left Rihanna battered and bruised and Chris Brown an accused felon — it’s Brown’s manager.

March 10th, 2009
1:40 PM EST

Trump to RiRi – “You’re a Loser!!” & Past Fights Revealed

Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn. Even that ugly old sea-urchin son-of-a-beatch wants to weigh in on the Chrihanna scandal. Dig his wack commentary and more info about past brawls between Ike & Tina 2.0:

March 8th, 2009
12:57 PM EST

Politics as Usual for Chris Brown

Posted by Bossip Staff

See, y’all Bossip folk dwell on the past too much.  Chris Brown’s already pushin’ forward, get it right:

March 6th, 2009
11:58 AM EST

Chris Brown and Counsel Ask For and Receive Postponement

Posted by Bossip Staff

It looks like Chris Brown and his legal team need a little more time to strategize on exactly what their plan of action will be:

It is unclear why they wanted to postpone the case —