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January 13th, 2014
12:38 PM EST

Masqueradin': Mama Tina Parties With Her New Boo, The Carters, Solange & More For 60th Birthday

Mama Tina brings out half of the industry for her 60th birthday bash in NOLA

January 2nd, 2014
2:00 PM EST

Can You Guess Which One Of These Precious Children Was Destined To Be Famous?

Who would have thought this kid would have so much buzz as a grown azz woman?

December 31st, 2013
1:06 PM EST

Illuminati Files: Beysus Graces The “Last Supper” With Her Presence

How you gonna take Christ the Savior’s seat at the table?

December 28th, 2013
10:08 AM EST
December 23rd, 2013
5:15 PM EST
December 23rd, 2013
8:13 AM EST
December 11th, 2013
12:48 PM EST
December 10th, 2013
2:22 PM EST

She Said Look Ma, No Pants! A Bikini Clad & Make-Up Free Bey Bey Reps Her Home State

We don’t know what’s up with this deer-in-headlights face. Maybe Solo taught her…

December 5th, 2013
4:28 PM EST

Guess This Preciousness: Who Is My Celebrity Daddy?

Can you guess which proud papa fathered this lil cutie?


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