January 5th 5:59pm

For The Stans: Is Baby Bump Bey Planning On Delivering Her Hump Full Of Camel In Houston This Week???

Y’all knew we couldn’t get too deep into this new year before folks got back to speculating about the goings ons of Beyonce’s uterus.

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January 5th 5:50pm

For The Fellas: 5 Things You Need To Know About Your “Package”

Hey fellas, ever wonder what’s really going on “down there”???

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January 5th 5:49pm

From Bad To Worse: Police In Southern California Think A Serial Killer May Be Stalking Homesless Men!

Not that it’s better to kill people that HAVE homes, but damn, aren’t these folks suffering enough???

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January 5th 5:12pm

Question Of The Day: What Exactly Was Yeezy Trying To Tell Us With His Three Hours’ Worth Of Tweets?

Last night, Yeezy spent three hours on Twitter, posting a total of 80 tweets of slightly interconnected randomness.

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January 5th 4:53pm

Six Fashion Trends Sistas Need to Stop Following. Now.

Stop the madness and stop downgrading your look with these trends!

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January 5th 4:43pm

Caption This

Here is Lil Mama and a friend posing for a photograph at an event.

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January 5th 4:36pm

Random Ridiculousness: You’re Not Really A Baller Until You Eat Couture Cereal For Breakfast

It’s just a matter of time before these Baller O’s end up in MC such-and-such new video surrounded by tiddays and arse…

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January 5th 3:56pm

EXCLUSIVE: Charlamagne Tha God’s 2012 Hip-Hop Predictions

Power 105.1 radio host Charlamagne Tha God is never one to mince his word.

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