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July 7th, 2010
12:55 PM EST

A Lil Positivity

Monica and B.O.B. devoted their Independence Day to U.S. soldiers by giving a free concert to help boost morale. Pop the hood for details

July 4th, 2010
1:40 PM EST Sunday Links!

Christian Group Reaching Putting Monica In Illuminati? “The Truth Behind The 2010 BET Awards”: CLICK HERE

Hoes Sit Down!: Reality Show Teaching How To Work The Pole?: CLICK HERE

Bolitics: Michael Steele “Afghan War Is Of Obama’s Choosing!”: CLICK HERE

June 22nd, 2010
7:45 AM EST

Juelz Santana… The “LITTLE” _______ That Could… Pops Up At The Grand Opening For Def Jam’s Atlanta Office

Juelz Santana showed his face at the Grand Opening for the Island Def Jam Atlanta office along with Monica’s ex-boo Rocko and Akon’s brother Bu. Def Jam should have made this move a while ago especially since a lot of

June 9th, 2010
12:06 PM EST Links!

* Exclusive* Joe Exclusive And “Boyz Noise” Do The  Black Gay Version Of “The View”: CLICK HERE

Amber Rose Says Her And Kanye West Still Together And Happy While Hanging Out With Mario, Des… And Quincy??: CLICK HERE

NAACP Pissed

June 8th, 2010
2:30 PM EST

Heidi “Knifed Up” Montag Files For “Separation” From Husband Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag has officially signed legal papers today filing for separation from her ‘better half’ Spencer Pratt.

May 30th, 2010
10:44 AM EST

Ci-Error, Is That You???

We’re so used to seeing Ciara all dolled up on her glamorous Hollyweird broad steez that we didn’t even recognize her in this fit. She must be allowing that lace-front to breathe for the day, because there is no way

May 24th, 2010
11:50 AM EST

Certified Links

Kanye West Debuts New Music, Puts Reported “Gag Order” On Amber Rose

‘Survivor’ Producer — Passport Still in Mexico (GO)

Waka Flocka Attacked With Bottles At Concert [Video] (GO)

Nokia And Yahoo To

May 19th, 2010
8:32 AM EST

BET Awards Nominations Are In…Camel Is Leading The Pack, And Little Justin Bieber Is Running As Well!!!

Baby-faced Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber scored a nomination on Tuesday for a 2010 Black Entertainment Television award.

May 17th, 2010
2:10 PM EST

Food Network Star Cooked Up Halfbaked Plot To Murder His Wife

Former Food Network star, Juan-Carlos Cruz is quite the criminal mastermind. He hired a few homeless guys to off his wife, but just ended up in hot water.

May 7th, 2010
10:10 AM EST

It’s Official…

Cher’s transgender daughter son (formally Chastity) Chaz Bono, is now legally a man!

April 18th, 2010
10:24 AM EST

Coupled Up And Looking Good

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted at The American Red Cross Red Tie Affair Fundraiser Gala in Santa Monica, California this weekend looking happier than ever. These two give Hollyweird couples something to look up to.

More pics

April 11th, 2010
9:18 AM EST

BOSSIP Exclusive: Danger Isn’t Acting…She Really IS Crazy

A source close to Monica “Danger” Leon exclusively tells BOSSIP that Danger’s weird behavior isn’t just attention whoring she’s really sick.

Check the details on the flip.

April 9th, 2010
5:23 PM EST

In White Folk’s News: “Survivor” Producer Suspected In Wife’s Murder Was A Cheater Too!!!

SMH… It’s a sad day when cheating husbands murdering their wives isn’t even shocking news anymore. BOSSIP recently learned that Bruce Beresford-Redman, one of the producers of hit reality series “Survivor,” who is a person of interest in his wife’s

April 7th, 2010
6:09 PM EST

Poor Thang! Brandy Says She And Flo Rida Are Not Serious Cuz She’s Scurred To Give Her Heart Away

Since she couldn’t keep a lid on her relationship with Flo Rida, Brandy is letting the world in a little bit more by blogging about her dating life. Pop the hood for more

March 29th, 2010
6:23 PM EST

Pay Yo Bills: Kelis WANTED For Walking Away Without Paying For Weave

SMH… We can’t believe Kelis pays $5,000 for her hair to look like that. Well, she’s supposed to pay $5,000, but she skipped out on the bill. Pop the hood for details.


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