July 28th 12:18am

A 5th Eddie Long Accuser Comes Out!! [Video]

For The Record… The 5th Eddie Long Accuser Is Not Nene! SMH@the way it jumped into the limo and sped off.

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July 27th 6:04pm

11 Of Our Favorite Musicians Who Can Act

Who else is not a fan of actors who try out singing?

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July 27th 6:02pm

Illuminati Files: Are Yeezy And His Handlers “Puppet Masters”??? [Video]

An interesting look at the rotating group of artists around Kanye’s “throne”…

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July 27th 5:53pm

The Bossip Boombox: The NBKOTB Edition

New Music by King, Jay Denson, Wise, Angel Haze and Kreesha Hunter

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July 27th 5:23pm

White Girl Mob: Hip-Hop’s Favorite White Girls

Although Bay Area rappers Kreayshawn, V-Nasty and the rest of their White Girl Mob are trying everything in their power to destroy the love affair between Hip-Hop and white girls by making awesomely bad rap music and tossing around the N-word, it’ll take a little more than a group of foul-mouthed, non-rapping white women to…

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July 27th 4:34pm

Plastic Surgery: 10 Of The Most Popular Celebrity Trends While Under The Knife

Let the folks in Hollyweird tell it, if you don’t like something about yourself, pay somebody to “fix” it.

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July 27th 4:22pm

C-Milli And Her Shady Dirty Dog Ex-Hubby The Dream Nightmare Play Nice For Baby Violet

Mommy Banger C-Milli was spotted leaving The Ivy after lunch with her ex The-Dream and their lil bundle of preciousness Violet Nash.

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July 27th 4:14pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here are the late Amy Winehouse’s bodyguards posing with her ashes, probably just minutes after she was cremated.

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