July 22nd 12:26pm

We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People! Rap Albums We’re Starting To Believe May Never Come Out

Rappers make promises all the time, hyping their new projects that are going to shake up the world. But often these albums never see the light of day.

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July 22nd 12:22pm

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Elsewhere On The Web…

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July 22nd 12:18pm

A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted: 10 Of The Worst Internet Scams Out

As helpful as the internet is, it can be just as dangerous to those who are naive.

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July 22nd 12:08pm

Pure Comedy: Angelina And Her Gang Of Babies Give The Paps Good Face

Angelina Jolie headed to the movies Friday with the kiddies and Pax decided to show the paps his appreciation for their endless devotion.

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July 22nd 11:46am

Ello Gov’nas: Our Favorite British Celebrities

Here in America we value our celebs for their talent and good looks but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t like their British counterparts.

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July 22nd 10:48am

Do You Fall Too Hard Too Soon?

It’s been two dates and you’ve already started thinking of ideal honeymoon spots. That is, of course, after you’ve secretly planned the colors of your wedding, the location, and who may and may not make the guest list.

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July 22nd 10:29am

Weirdos: Man Arrested for Stalking MSNBC’s Tamron Hall, Trying to Literally “Chop Her Down”

A sister that fine should expect a stalker or two here and there during her career in the public:

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July 22nd 9:31am

Reality Matrimony-Dom: Keyshia Cole And Boobie Take Their Love To Vegas For TV Wedding

As she previously told BOSSIP the day after her surprise secret wedding, Keyshia Cole and her hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson are bringing an upgraded version of their big day to the small screen.

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July 22nd 9:22am

Oh, Damn!: Boy Survives Having Bamboo Spear Through Neck! [Video]

SMH @ His Ninja Weapon And “He Was Just Screaming… He Was, Like, Freaked Out!”

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