March 28th 12:40pm

Good Try: Rob Dyrdek Buys $700 Worth Of Lottery Tickets In An Attempt To Win The $356 Million Jackpot

Ain’t that ’bout a beyotch?! Millionaires buying lotto tickets…SMH

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March 28th 12:32pm

Dear Bossip: I Want Us To Be A Family, But He’s Married & Has 8 Kids With His Other Girlfriend

Dear Bossip, I’m a 27-year old female who just had a baby 2 months ago with a man who lives in another state.

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March 28th 12:29pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere on the Web

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March 28th 12:11pm

Nice & Slow: Male R&B Singers Who Are a Little Soft

Would you call these crooners…feminine?

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March 28th 11:23am

For Discussion: Trayvon Martin Tragedy Needs More Investigation, But Where’s The Outrage Over Constant Black-On-Black Crime In America??

Fox’s Juan Williams discusses the problem of black-on-black crime in America amidst all the outrage regarding Trayvon Martin’s murder:

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