January 12th 1:37pm

Man Goes On Rampage Through Gym, Killed After Getting Subdued By Taser [Video]

For some reason, this guy started knocking gym equipment over.

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January 12th 1:28pm

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Accidentally Kills Baby Daughter With Hairdryer [Video]

The mother said that she left a hairdryer on next to her child during a cold night and fell asleep. When she woke up, the baby was dead.

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January 12th 1:12pm

Dude Gets Attacked For Motorcyle, Fights, And His Wifey Comes To The Rescue [Video]

This guy got assaulted by two guys trying to take his bike.

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January 12th 12:57pm

Some Throwback Thursday Preciousness

Fresh off her protective lil sister rant, Auntie Solo kept it nostalgic last night.

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January 12th 12:27pm

Keep Your Legs Closed! Celebs Who’ve Racked Up Baby Mamas & Drama

These are the men who are truly loyal to their biological destinies. They’re sowing their seeds…and sowing, and sowing…

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January 12th 11:53am

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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January 12th 11:50am

Erykah Badu Tears It Up In New Orleans With a Jazzy Performance [Video]

Watch as Erykah Badu performs with Mos Def and Mark Ronson for a New-Orleans inspired song.

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