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July 23rd, 2010
1:53 PM EST

Sextra: Who’s in the Mood for Some Leo Love?

Happy Friday, Bossip Readers! Today is the dawning of the Leo cycle of the zodiac! Anyone who is so lucky to have a Leo in your life brace yourself, for the boss will become bossier in the coming weeks! But

July 23rd, 2010
10:35 AM EST

Jesus Take The Wheel: 14-Year-Old Murders Family And Slits His Own Throat

We told y’all about the mother and her four children who were killed in a tragic house fire. Well, new developments in the case reveal that the 14-year-old teen that perished in the fire may have started the fire to

July 22nd, 2010
3:34 PM EST

Are You Too Picky?

Good Day, Bossip Readers! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” So the question of the day is: are you too picky? Many of us can relate to this ordeal, right? He’s small, you prefer tall but he treats you like

July 22nd, 2010
2:00 PM EST

Platinum Life Keeps Getting Better

Looking for Bossip Baby? You can probably find her chasing cash, cred and fame playing Platinum Life: Web Edition Beta 2.0 on Facebook! It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of climbing the ranks from aspiring rapper, singer

July 21st, 2010
6:25 PM EST

Who Is My Rapper Dad?

This should be one of the easiest “Who Are My Parents?” yet… This young man is the son of one of the most famous “family man” rappers. The answer is on the flipside along with more pictures

July 21st, 2010
5:07 PM EST

Tristan Wilds Celebrates His 21st Birthday With The Crew From “The Wire”

Tristan Wilds started off at the age of 17 on HBO’s Original Series “The Wire” and just this past weekend he turned 21. One of his close friends, Miss Diddy, helped put on a birthday party for him at Lucky

July 21st, 2010
7:30 AM EST

When A 30-Year High School Reunion Trip Turns Fatally Wrong

Something in this story sounds a tad bit fishy:

DeFarra Gaymon’s weekend was supposed to be fun-filled. The 48-year-old CEO was traveling from Georgia to New Jersey to celebrate his 30th high school reunion with friends and former classmates

July 20th, 2010
2:59 PM EST

Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Aren’t Making Any Babies But Guess Who Selita Ebanks Is Kickin’ It With?!?!

Selita Ebanks and Adrienne Bailon were spotted at Pop Burger last night in NYC. Drinks, food and friends… these two seem to be having a good time but guess who else was in the building all up in Selita’s grill???

July 19th, 2010
9:00 AM EST

Some Monday Morning Preciousness

Halle Berry took little Nahla to the circus yesterday along with a few friends. Pop it for some morning preciousness

July 18th, 2010
12:00 PM EST Sunday Links!!

The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 12 Sneak Peek: Grandpa Didn’t Know Weed Is Legal!: CLICK HERE

Debra Lee And Toya Talks About The Breakup With Her And Tiny Plus Talks Lauren London: CLICK HERE

Interview With Man Who Shot And

July 16th, 2010
2:06 PM EST

Did Users Flee To Facebook Because MySpace Was “Too Ghetto”?

Research among techie circles has produced an argument that Facebook’s success is due in part to white folks leaving “the ghetto” of MySpace. We thought this made for a good discussion piece. Pop the hood for more on this theory

July 16th, 2010
10:15 AM EST

True Or False: Pictures Of Diddy And Cassie Getting Kinky Are Up For Sale !?!?

Diddy did IT! And by IT we mean Cassie… Not that that should come as a surprise to anyone, but allegedly there are now pictures to prove it. Pop the hood for details:

July 15th, 2010
12:03 PM EST

Kimmy Cakes Makes A Pass At Kiyan In Her Wedding Toast To LaLa And Melo

No wonder Kiyan be giving Kim Kardashian the dooky face! Kim Kardashian made a toast to LaLa and Carmelo at their wedding, but something was a little off about it. Pop the hood to watch

July 14th, 2010
12:27 PM EST

Penelope Cruz Joins Javier Bardem In Holy Matrimony-dom

Lala and Carmelo weren’t the only ones tying the knot this month! Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem marriage was finally confirmed yesterday by Penelope’s rep. Pop the hood for details

July 14th, 2010
9:06 AM EST

True Or False: RihRih Hit Up Breezy After Being Touched By His Emotional BET Performance???

Have the original puppy lovin’ pair been reunited?

Rihanna has reportedly been in contact with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

No thanks