January 24th 12:14pm

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, And The Help Get Academy Award Nods

The nominees for the 84th Annual Academy Awards dropped today and Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer get nods

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January 24th 11:57am

Dear Bossip: After 2 Months Of Dating He Disappears & Won’t Return My Calls Or Texts

Dear Bossip, First, I would like to start off by saying I do love this website.

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January 24th 11:40am

Maino Raps About Relationship With Lil’ Kim On “I Still Love You”

What’s a brokenhearted thug to do when his queen has left him out to dry?

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January 24th 11:34am

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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January 24th 11:30am

Kush Chronicles: Man Popped For Smoking The Tweeds In The Bathroom Of A Jet Blue Airplane

People just don’t give two sh*ts these days about “rules”:

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January 24th 11:13am

Is This Hollyweird Hairdresser Khloe Kardashian’s Biological Father??

The question of “Is Khloe really a Kardashian?” has been in the news pretty heavy lately

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January 24th 10:46am

Who Looked More Bangin?

Brownskinned bangers Jessica White and Garcelle Beauvais were both snapped lookin’ pretty tasty last night.

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