March 22nd 6:39am

Mom Locked Up For Whipping Son With Extension Cord For Sagging Pants! [Video]

People got their tail whipped with extension cords all the time in our old neighborhoods…

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March 21st 5:55pm

Check Out The Air Yeezy 2: The Shoes That Will Drive The Hood Crazy!

Detailed pics of the shoes that will have you lined up outside of boutiques across the country…

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March 21st 5:49pm

Million Hoodie March In Honor Of Trayvon Martin Taking Place In NYC

The loosely organized “Million Hoodie March” will be taking place at Union Square between 6pm to 9pm EST

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March 21st 4:49pm

The $23.9 Million Dollar Carolwood Crib Where Michael Jackson Took His Final Breath Is Back On The Market!! [Pics]

Nevermind that the house cost $24 milli, who the F wants to buy the house that MJ died in?!?!? SMH

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March 21st 4:44pm

Trayvon Martin Killer’s Friend Defends The Piece Of Sh!t: “He Was A Guest In Our Community” [Video]

F_ck this guy and the horse he rode in on, Zimmerman, and anyone else defending this racist porky pig looking sommobtch!!

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March 21st 4:21pm

Hip-Hop Wired Presents: A Tribute To Radio Rants

There are not many things that are more Hip-Hop than a good old fashioned radio rant

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March 21st 4:17pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere on the Web

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March 21st 4:06pm

Rumor Control: Ray J Denies Reports Of Whitney Houston Freaky Video And Says There’s No Photos Either!

Hopefully Whitney Houston can rest in peace now, because rumors of an adult video of interaction between her and Ray J have been squashed.

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