April 11th 10:35am

Pure Comedy: The Top 60 Ghetto Black Names And Top 60 Ghetto Jewish Names

Now, now, this is actually pretty funny don’t get all sensitive on us.

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April 11th 10:06am

You Remind Me Of My Jeep: 7 Songs That Make You Want To (Joy) Ride

Whether you blasted these songs in a tape deck or CD player, they all inspired some sort of joy-filled jaunt.

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April 11th 9:12am

Caption This

Here is fashion guru Marc Jacobs at the beach with boyfriend Harry Louis in Brazil.

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April 11th 9:00am

Epitome Of A Bad Seed: Writer Beaten To Bloody Pulp By 19-Year-Old Son

How do you go from having a seizure to murking your mom???

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April 11th 8:48am

Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Tells His Side Of The “Lamar Odom Gets Fired From Dallas” Story

So basically Mark Cuban was like “Is you is or is you ain’t a Maverick?”…and Lammy was like — “No, I’m a Kardashian.”

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April 11th 8:13am

Race Matters: Michigan Teacher Fired After Allowing Students To Form A Trayvon Martin Fundraiser At School

Now if they were raising money for anything else it would not have been a big deal. SMH!

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