October 28th 12:05pm

Monster: 10 Pictures That Prove Nicki Minaj Got The Devil In Her

Nicki Minaj is known for her ample bosom, larger than life assets and making facial expressions so extreme that it would lead one to believe that she’s either got a couple of screws loose or the devil in her.

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October 28th 11:57am

Dear Bossip: His Fantasy Is For Me To Be With Another Woman, But I’m Not Sure

Dear Bossip, I need some major advice on a certain situation please!! My boyfriend told me that his greatest fantasy is to watch me have sex with another female whom I find attractive.

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October 28th 11:54am

Say Whaaaaaat!?!: Gayle King And 50 Cent Speak On “What If They Were A Couple?”

50 Cent made his way to the Gayle King show speaking on his new book “Playground”

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October 28th 11:00am

Freaky Teacher’s Insanity Plee Doesn’t Fly With The Judge… And Here’s Why! [Video]

SMH @ Her defense saying “She has that type of personality…”

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October 28th 10:02am

That’s My Jam: The Best Songs For Any And Every Occasion

What are your go-to songs for special occasions?

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October 28th 9:38am

Which NBA Star Was Rockin These Leopard Kicks The Other Night???

This NBA player was spotted with his “grown men wear leopard print shoes” swag turned all the way up. Can you guess who it is??

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