April 5th 5:28pm

Too Little, Too Late: Burger King Issues An Apology For Targeting Black People With Coonerific Chicken Wrap Ad

Burger King is getting grilled for a Web only spot that has black consumers condemning the commercial across the Internet

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April 5th 4:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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April 5th 3:53pm

Pharrell Williams’ Most Stuntastic Moments

Today is Pharrell Williams’ 17th birthday (39th, actually but you would totally believe it if you didn’t know better), and what better way to celebrate the Hip-Hop icon than to look back on some of his most stuntastic moments

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April 5th 3:50pm

Street Wired: “Rick Ross” Defeats “Freeway” Ricky Ross In Court [Video]

A few days ago, William “Rick Ross” Roberts won a court case against “Freeway” Ricky Ross which allowed him to continue using the stage name Rick Ross without consequence

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