July 3rd 10:43am

Race Matters: New Georgia Immigration Law Draws Thousands Rallying In The Streets Of Atlanta To Fight Against

Georgia’s new immigration laws have thousands of folks pissed and standing out in the sweltering heat to fight against it:

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July 3rd 10:23am

Coupled Up: Tyra Banks Out In Mexico Flossin’ Her Bikini Body, Backs, And Baller Banker Boo John Utendahl

Tyra Banks and her longtime boyfriend, John Utendahl, were spotted hot tubbing it up on a lil lovers vacay in Mexico this weekend. Peep the pics and let us know if you think Ty Ty is still bangin…

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July 3rd 10:20am

Jill Scott Is A Banger

Here’s Jilly From Philly doing her thing on day 2 of the Essence Music Festival.

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July 2nd 4:04pm

First Lady Love: Chelly-O Says ‘I Can See The Worry Creasing His Face’ Obama Says ‘We’ve Got To Fix This’

Shelly-O took to Massachusetts to rally up support for her husband’s second term.

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July 2nd 3:19pm

Galleries: Essence Music Festival Brings Out The Celebs And Colorful Characters (50 + Day 1 Photos )

Fanny brought her gut full to Essence Music Festival where she — as well as Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Miguel, Macy Gray and Charlie Wilson performed.

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July 2nd 3:09pm

Character Assassination: Press Throws Shade On DSK’s African Immigrant Accuser; Case Is ‘Doomed’ Because She’s A ‘Proven Liar’

Now you know this legal team wasn’t going to let an African immigrant woman get over on a filthy rich, white banker.

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July 2nd 2:52pm

Question Of The Day: Would You Support A Black Republican Presidential Candidate As Much As You Supported Obama??

Businessman Herman Cain is becoming very popular amongst the people, but could he earn YOUR vote?

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July 2nd 2:17pm

Beware Of The Over Age Bachelor

If you thought women were the only ones judged for not getting married or having kids by a certain age think again.

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July 2nd 1:48pm

Common Talks New Deal With Warner Bros., Releases New Song With Nas [Audio]

Common has a new record deal, new album, and new inspiration for making music.

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July 2nd 1:26pm

Ish Is Real: Mexican Drug Lords Tell U.S. DEA ‘We Know Where You Are And We’ll Chop Your F’ing Heads Off’

The Mexican cartel ain’t nothin’ to play with! If that’s not a warning, we don’t know what is. We’d be heading to the boarder asap!

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July 2nd 1:17pm

Essence Music Festival Attendees: Visit The Ford Booth And Enter To Win A Brand New Focus And Other Great Prizes

Are you in New Orleans for Essence Music Festival this weekend? Stop by the convention center and you can win a brand new Ford Focus today!

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July 2nd 11:59am

When Pigs Fly: Breezy Says He’d Love To Work With _________

One of these peeps is not like the other –

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